How can you Give a Decent Look to Custom Pillow Boxes

Juliet D'cruz

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Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes 

Custom pillows boxes as the name indicates are long curved boxes having a pillow shape. Unlike simple boxes, these boxes are popular due to their unique shape. Their pillow-type shape gives a mesmerizing visual and attracts every onlooker. Pillow boxes are sleek and lightweight. These are usually considered perfect for small delicate items but you can add any item elegantly. Custom pillow boxes are a gift of modern technology. These boxes add a luxury touch to packed time and entice the buyers. Pillow boxes are very versatile which has increased their demand over the years. Pillow boxes are very famous for corporate and personal gifts. This box looks very chic and makes the receiver excited to open up the box. 

If you are looking for pillow boxes to add worth to your products but are not sure where to start then this article is just for you. Here we also reduce your shipping and transportation costs. Going to list down steps on how to give a decent look to your custom pillow boxes so you can create a ripple effect in the market and increase your sales fennel.

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Choose Material Wisely for Custom Pillow Boxes:

Perfect pillow packaging is not difficult. Materials like Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated stock are widely used for beautiful durable pillow packaging without costing you a fortune. Material forms the basis for printing and design which would be a driving factor for sales. The material you choose will define the safety of your product. Good quality material protects the packed product from environmental conditions and mishaps during shipping.

Custom Size:

Get custom sleeve boxes in every shape size with cool features. Custom size perfectly fits the product and minimizes material wastage.  Measure the dimension of your box and choose the size of the custom pillow box according to that. 

Design a Unique Outer Look:

Designing the box can be a complex process. You can do it by yourself or can hire a professional team. Detailed market research should be done to ensure your design is modern, sleek, and up to the latest trends. Use clean and simple colors to achieve a modern chic look. Customer loves packaging that is interactive so you can use embossed texts and dotted imagery to add an interesting sensation to your pillow boxes. Use catchy images to grab an audience. Think of the audience before printing anything so the target audience can form a connection with your packaging. A logo is great for distinguishing your products from others in the market. Place logo on top of the box so it can catch every glance.  This will also increase your market visibility.  Print all product and brand-related information with clear fonts so customers can get all necessary information from the packaging. This will form customer’s trust in your brand and your profit will increase.

Add some Beautiful Options in Custom Pillow Boxes:

Pillow boxes are in itself a miracle of beauty however if you want to increase their charm, you can add some finishing options to stun the customers. Window pillow boxes have a die-cut window pane that lets the onlooker have sight of packed products without touching or opening the box. This gives customers satisfaction about their purchase and they become sure they won’t be made fooled with attractive packaging. Window panes increase audience curiosity and they are forced to have a look at packed products.  Another way to increase your product’s worth it to make your packaging handy. Pillow boxes offer convenient product packaging and opening but can be made more comfortable with handles. Handles make carrying boxes easy and hassle-free. Pillow boxes have made luxury packaging affordable for everyone. You can use astonishing finishing options like glossy/matte, spot UV, foiling, and other techniques to give your pillow packaging a handsome outlook

Be Authentic: 

Packaging is a theatre where you can tell people about your story. Customers always look for a brand that is honest and doesn’t deceive customers. Whenever you are designing a pillow box always make sure you don’t go over the board that your pillow design makes false assumptions about products. Always keep your packaging authentic and in line with the product. Another important factor to consider here is to keep one packaging. Changing pillow box design, again and again, disappoints the customer and gives your product a low-quality look. Your pillow box is your product identity. If you keep changing your identity, you will never make any loyal customers.

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Go Eco-friendly:

The growing pollution has forced us to protect our beautiful environment. Customers and shoppers now prefer to buy from brands that give priority to ecology in their decision-making. Using recyclable materials for your pillow packaging will leave a positive impact on customers. Kraft is a famous eco-friendly material that can be reused, recyclable, and decompose without disturbing our environment. Choose an eco-friendly pillow box and flaunt it by printing an eco-friendly logo on the box to earn customer trust which will lead you towards your profit goals.

You have seen how you can create perfect packaging with the above steps. However, if you still have any queries, We are here to help you in producing a pillow box that will make difference for your company. Get in touch with us and let us together take your business to heights of success.


Perfect pillow boxes are the only way to make a place in the market. Your pillow packaging should be according to the target audience so it can advocate for them about your products. Before designing pillow packaging, you should know your customer and their needs better than anyone else. Do an extensive market search and learn about your competitors. Handsome pillow packaging is not a difficult task if you take help from the right company. Pillow boxes are very unique and when printed elegantly with perfect logos can mesmerize the audience. The color and shape of your pillow packaging enhance the customer-first experience and bring them to your brand again and again. Create a custom pillow box to make your brand look amazingly attractive.