Honor Your Heritage By Connecting Your Past to Your Present With Custom Photo Books

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If you ever rummaged through your grandmother’s metal trunk or her wooden safe, you must have come across her old and dusty scrapbook with images of people you know nothing about and probably those you didn’t know are part of your genealogy. Your grandma may have given you a brief history or mentioned the various names you likely forgot after she was done flipping the pages, except for your mom or dad or your favorite uncle or aunt. You look at the images and laugh at your mom’s weird hairdos and how she has metamorphosed into the stylish, great mom she is today. With family members aging and memories quickly fading, it is important to gather the information and record it with custom photo books.

Though creating a family tree sounds easy, sometimes it is not. A family tree history, also known as a heritage album or genealogy photo book, may paralyze your thoughts, not knowing where to begin. An ancestry photo book narrates your family’s history in pictures and words, dating back the several generations you may wish to include. For your generational photo book the storyline only requires you to trace back your ancestors chronologically, grouping them according to families. For this special book, make sure you include names, relationships, places, and dates. Additionally, you have to brief your audience on where the current generation is and the difference in trends.

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To make your family tree photo boos stand out, you might consider the following tips:

Gather as many old photos as you can

You may want to ask your family members about their old family photos. These photos include your parents’ respective families, your aunts, uncles, and grandparents. You may also compile old print materials like letters or take a photo of your family heirlooms such as military medals, family jewelry, or awards won if you have any. 

As you gather the images, identify them with essential details and sort them thematically or chronologically, depending on how you want to tell your story. After collection, you may scan the images and clean them of the minor scratches or the color casts old photos get.

Gather stories

You do not want to look blank when your audience asks you to state a brief history of your parents’ or grandparents’ story. The only way you can bring yourself up to speed is by interviewing your family members for in-depth stories. Without memories and no one present to identify some images, you might find yourself throwing away important pictures that would have been part of your own personal history.

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Outline your design

Now that your research is over and you have all the material you need, you can start designing your heritage photo book. Your type of compiled materials and the extent of your research will influence your photo book’s size and orientation. Besides anecdotes, you may also compare the photos in terms of past and present, explaining your journey through reflection. 

Your family tree photo book is not only a combination of your ancestors’ photos. It is an exciting way to connect with your ancestral history and honor your heritage. Get creative with Mixbook by telling your ancestors’ stories, their achievements, and how life was in the good old days.


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