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Home Inspection Services Boise

What is Covered in a Home Inspection? A checklist! 

A home inspection is a detailed process in which every part of your house will be inspected thoroughly to evaluate the condition of the property. Home Inspection services Boise ensures a safe and healthy house for their residents by conducting thorough inspections but why is it so important?

Why is a home inspection conducted? 

Home should be a safe space. What if someone tells you that your home is not safe for you to breathe and staying there and breathing in that space for a longer period will give you lung cancer? Sounds terrifying no? This is the reason home inspection is a necessary evil, the amount spent on it will be worth it not only for your health but the health of the house as well. How? There are many structural problems hidden in our houses as well that could be destroying them silently hence getting your house inspected to prevent any future unexpected expenditures is also something that cannot be neglected. Only a few hundred dollars are needed to get the complete house inspected and it is nothing as compared to thousands of dollars that will be spent if there are some repairs needed.

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  1. Foundation

Two factors are considered seriously while inspecting a foundation.

  • Cracks

It mainly focuses on the walls and ceilings. There may be some cracks in the walls that will only increase if neglected. Ceiling cracks are also very dangerous as they can lead to certain leakages and make the roof weak.

  • Alignment of the foundation

The foundation needs to appear straight, if there is any issue found, it should be fixed right on time before it becomes a huge expense.

  1. Attic

This part of a house should not be neglected.

  1. Roof

For the roof, two factors are considered during a roof inspection.

  • Excess Roofing Cement 

It is inspected thoroughly to see if there is excess roofing cement present on the roof or not. If present, this issue should be fixed to avoid any blockage.

  • Decay and Rust 

The gutters on the roof that are responsible for taking the rainwater from the roof into the sewage system should be free from any decay or rust to avoid leakages.

  1. Plumbing 

In this part of the home inspection, two factors are mainly focused on as well.

  • Leaks 

The pipes attached to the plumbing system of the house should be free from any leaks otherwise it will not only hinder the water supply in the house but will also be the reason behind salinity on your walls.

  • Water Heating System

In Boise, as there is mostly chilly or cold weather, hot water is a necessity so checking this process is also very important to ensure a comfortable lifestyle.

  1. Electrical 

When we talk about the electrical system of a house, two things need to work fine to ensure the complete functionality of the house.

  • Wiring 

The wiring of the house is a very important component as electricity is running in the house everywhere and the majority of the appliances present inside a house run on electricity hence the wiring should be error-free and safe. A little negligence can result in a short circuit which is a known cause for fires in a house.

  • Lights

All lights in the house should be functioning properly as no one wants to wander inside their house in the dark. Inspection of the lights is important to ensure that there are no fused or faulted lights in the house.

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  1. Interior 

The interior of the house consists of many factors that are important to make sure everything is working properly for a comfortable time spent inside the house. A home is a place where we go to relax after a tiring day and when this place has any issues, the unrest caused affects other aspects of life as well.

  • Doors and Latches.

The doors and latches of the house should be working properly. There should be no resistance in the lock system and any deformity in the doors should be immediately reported so that it can be fixed soon as the security of the house is compromised due to this issue.

  • Windows and Latches.

Same as doors, windows are also very important in terms of safety hence their locks and condition should be monitored regularly.

  • Roof, Ceiling, and Walls. 

It should be inspected keenly to see if there are any cracks, excess material, rust, decay, leaks, unsafe materials, or any factor that could pose a threat to the structure and health of the house and its residents.

  • Railings, Stairs, and Steps.

To connect the ground floor with the upper floors, this is a very common thing that is present in all houses and they are very sensitive as a minor problem with them can result in the compromise of safety of people walking on it or holding it.


Everyone notices the appearance of the house when they enter so this should be in its best condition and another very important thing is that Lead should not be present in any paint of your house for the sake of the health of the kids at the house.

  • Fireplace and Chimney. 

The exhaust system of these should be working properly to drive away unnecessary smoke and heat.

  • Toilets and Sinks. 

their drainage system and water supply should be working properly.

  • Bath Tub & Showers.

Their water supply and drainage system should also be working properly.


Same as the bathtubs and showers, the same functions for this should be checked and the physical condition of them as well.

  • Heating Sources.

For a comfortable lifestyle, water and the air inside the house should be warm hence their source should be working accurately.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles. 

This counts in the appearance factor of the house as well.

  • Strange Smell and Noises.

This part of the inspection is mainly focused on the places where there is a plumbing system.

  • Past Leaks and Mold. 

This part covers safety and health too.

  • Mice and Rodents. 

Kitchens and old houses have this problem.

  • Wood Destroying Insects and Other Pests. 

Their presence poses a serious threat to the structure of the house.


They should be working properly and serving their purpose as well.

  • Air Quality Test.

Radon tests and other air quality tests should be done to ensure that the air present inside your house is safe for you to breathe.

  1. Exterior 

Not only the insides but the exterior portion of your house is also very important hence inspected.

  • Drainage

It should be working properly to drive away all the waste water into the sewage.

  • Decay or Damage.

Just as interior, any decay or damage in the exterior is also inspected.

To cover all these thoroughly and without any error, you need to research properly and find the best Home Inspection Company Boise has.