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Discover Halifax is putting in place a five-year plan to help the tourism industry recover. There are currently 28 recommendations in the program. Also, more offers are being added regularly to help Halifax’s tourism industry develop and recover.

Investigate Halifax is putting in place a five-year strategy. Its purpose is to help the city’s tourism industry grow and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. That is where today’s travel master plan, the Integrated Tourism Master Plan, falls in. It’s just looking at what’s been revealed beyond COVID and what we should do as a group to be much better than we were before when we return.”

Rick Howe’s Show the work on this project began “well before” the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the initiative’s emphasis has changed somewhat to becoming part of a more effective recovery plan. Furthermore, some of the plan’s recommendations are contradictory.

E.g., in the summer of 2020, Georges Island in Halifax Harbour will open as a tourist attraction. The 100 Wild Islands Legacy Initiative on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore increased investment in the Peggy’s Cove region. And air connectivity recommendations to promote Halifax as an Atlantic Canadian hub are among the others.

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In an average year, 5.3 million people stay overnight in Halifax, investing $1.3 billion in the Halifax Metropolitan Municipality.

Last year, the region had 80 to 85 percent fewer tourists due to the pandemic. It was resulting in a decline of more than $750 million in tourism spending.

Discover Halifax

Discover Halifax held three town hall meetings, over 30 community engagement sessions, and an online survey that received around 250 responses to develop the Integrated Tourism Master Plan.

A video generated by Discover Halifax said, “One key theme began to come up again and again.” “‘Create one-of-a-kind opportunities that locals will love, and visitors will want to come to visit them as well.'”

The tourist industry is a big part of Halifax’s economy, and it’s one of the places where the pandemic has had the most excellent effects.

It’s also an industry that needs creativity for the city to recover and expand.

In the video, Elizabeth Newman, RCR Hospitality Group’s vice president of sales and marketing, said, “Tourists don’t just come to Halifax.” “They must be enticed and welcomed. As a consequence, we must be constructive in our approach.”

According to the initiative, promoting tourism development through the Integrated Tourism Master Plan would help Halifax meet its target of $30 billion in GDP by 2031. Halifax’s GDP was $19.2 billion in 2018.

Furthermore, more than 4,000 companies employ about 34,000 people in Halifax’s tourism sector.

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Halifax shop with 40 new flavors

Peace by Chocolate is expected to launch its first location in Halifax. Here, the consumers can engulf in an “absolute chocolate world.” At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the shop will unveil its Easter specials as well as 40 new flavors.

Customers can also find the brand’s classic flavors. Such as forgiveness bars, sea salt bars, and others while still checking out fresh Antigonish-made treats. Visitors will be able to partake in special sampling events while sipping nutritious hot cocoa, according to Hadhad.

The store is on Lower Water Lane, in the Queen’s Marque complex.

Hadhad says that the store’s construction represents his community and that the architecture is the most fun project he’s ever worked on.

The style is a blend of contemporary and traditional Islamic architecture, with turquoise as the primary hue. Hadhad clarified that he wanted turquoise as a peace sign.

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