Everything You Should No About After care of Wigs-Shakira wig

Juliet D'cruz

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What is the essential thing every wig user is worried about? I don’t want to reveal that you are wearing a wig.

Nothing is awkward in the grocery stores, shopping malls, and Wondering if the individual is staring at you because they are used to your hairs are not original.

Firstly, you should understand that they are not looking at you, and there is a 50% off sale on the food section behind your head. Secondly, if you wear the Shakira wig or Tammi wig, there is no chance people will tell you are wearing a wig. The aftercare of the wigs is essential; otherwise, even if you are wearing high-quality wigs like Freetress Suzie or Freetress Tammi, people will easily detect it.

Wash the wigs properly

The days of running shampoo on your scalp are known. If you are doing it, it will wear out, and you have to buy it so you can find that you’re loved.

Follow the below techniques to wash your wigs:

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  • For a few minutes, soap the wig into the water. And gently comb the shampoo through the hairs. However, trying to avoid massaging and rubbing the product into the well gold will build the residue, further clumping the wig’s hair and possibly damaging it permanently.
  • Gently rinse the wigs into the calm water and comb through. Repeat the process until the soap rinses out.
  • Repeat the first and second steps while conditioning
  • Brush the wigs immediately to avoid tangling.
  • Rather than using a hairdryer, use air dry. Using a hairdryer will damage wigs permanently, and synthetic wigs will meltdown.

Avoid Heating Wigs

Heating tools are not suitable for natural hairs; how come it’s possible that they are suitable for wigs?

When you put down the wigs under the heating tools, the hairs will get damaged, dry, tangle, create the spit end, and lose the shine. Since wigs don’t get repaired naturally, the damage is forever.

Using the hairdryer and iron will permanently damage your wigs. If you have a synthetic wig, then the heating will melt it down.

Hairdryers, curling irons, and flat irons can all permanently damage your wig. If you own a synthetic wig, heating tools can melt your wig. Always ensure that your big wig dries naturally. If you want to have a baby or curly look, use non-heating curlers. Most of the wigs are pre-design, so you don’t need to style them again.

Visit your stylist!

Compared to natural hair the styling wigs is a totally different process. So, you should visit your stylist continuously to have their tips and tricks for the styling of your wig. Above all, the cutting of the wigs is really a crucial step because it’s permanent. If your dog’s hair got damaged, it’s permanent. Ensure that you have check-in to the stylist every time you buy new wigs.

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Keep the wig covered 

If you are not wearing your big, ensure that it is appropriately Stored. If you leave the wig outside, then there are chances it will catch dust particles, and life span will also decrease. Always keep yours in a cool room. Nobody has told me, but according to my experience, the heat is totally opposite to each other and a dangerous combination.

Pro Tip: Keep your wig openly over mannequin heads and use a light cover to protect the wig from dust and other exposures.

Never neglect your hair.

If you are wholly bailed, then this tip is not for you. However, if you have a few hairs left, then never neglect your hair. Maintaining cleanliness in your hair and scalp is really beneficial for your health. Also, it will prevent the residue and extra coil from stepping in your wig if you have a clean scalp.

Pro Tip: For a healthy scalp, use the bounce curl vitamins.

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