Everything you need to know about steel wire screen

Juliet D'cruz

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A steel wire screen is a unique product produced in multiple arrays of shapes, sizes, and styles. Additionally, it can be used on almost any material made using metals or alloys you could ever think of. The wire screen is available in various forms, including simple intersecting columns and parallel rows. You will find that the steel wire screen is somewhat like an expanded metal sheet, but it is not the same thing.

Did you know? The wire used for the production of the screen is progressively done in the following ways. The metal is drawn down in a series of round dies. This process is repeated till it reaches a specific diameter. To join the steel wire screen, there are two different formats – welding and weaving. Both the joining formats of the steel wire screen give rise to two different types of steel wire screens. Let us now discuss the properties of the welded and woven steel wire screen.

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Welded Steel Wire Screen

When the rows and columns of the steel wire screen are seen to be welded together at every single point of contact is the welded steel wire screen. In the welded steel wire screen, the wire is drawn into a specific diameter, fed into a device that fuses the rows at once. At the same time, as the perpendicular welds meet, a parallel line of the welded part would meet them.

The device is again fed with the half-made welded wire screen for the intersection of its wire. In most cases, the device used to work on this gets its heat sources from electrical resistance. There can also be other formats used in a few instances. This helps the screen to reach a precise length, and it is cleft into a solid and flat sheet.

Woven Steel Wire Screen

To make a woven steel wire screen, the wire is woven using various potential processes. In this process, the wires are twisted two times – above and under the vertical wires. The device used to make this is comparable to the machines used in a loom. A pattern is selected, and a straight wire is fed into the widget to get the required bend. The process is repeated on loop until and unless a precise measure is not reached. On achieving the goal, the sheet is sheared into the required dimension.

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A product that has achieved a wide range of applications in the industry is the steel wire screen. Its most significant advantage is that it can be made into varying wire diameters. The steel wire screen can be the most delicate sheer gauze fabric, and it can also be a heavy-duty solid screen. The exceptional flexibility of the steel wire screen showcases that it can have enormous applications. It is popularly used for sifting, sieving, shielding, industrial filtration, screening, separation, sorting, etc.

It is also widely used in a domestic environment. You must have seen cages, grills, sifters, fences, shelving, safety barricades, and concrete reinforcement. All of them are made using steel wire screens. The material used to make it is very malleable and flexible. Hence it is possible to achieve the required dimension and shape.

Wrap Up

Steel wire screen is a product that has spread its arms across the industry – it is a super durable and robust product. It is widely used due to its versatile uses and relatively low cost.