Everything You Need to Know About EMF Radiation

Juliet D'cruz

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When we hear ‘radiation’, we often think of nuclear disasters like Chernobyl or Fukushima.

Yet we’re actually exposed to radiation on a daily basis. It’s known as EMF radiation, which gives us a clue about what creates it.

These are electric and magnetic fields. Within radiation, electric and magnetic fields join to become electromagnetic fields.

In 1996, the WHO set up the International EMF Project to research the health effects of EMF. Many countries now have legislation around EMFs. This limits the amount of EMF radiation that devices can produce.

Read on to learn more about EMF radiation and how to protect yourself.

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What Is EMF Radiation?

The sun creates EMFs, which we see as visible light.

Yet it’s not always a natural phenomenon. Electronic appliances such as computers, wireless devices, and microwaves also produce EMFs. Power lines also create EMFs.

Voltage produces an electric field. A higher voltage creates a stronger electric field. Magnetic fields come from the electric current. A stronger current creates a stronger field.

EMF radiation occurs at different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. This stretches from high frequency to extremely low-frequency (ELF).

What Types of Radiation Are There?

High-frequency EMFs are a type of ionizing radiation. This means the energy can knock electrons out of atoms (thus ionizing them). Within the body, this affects cells and DNA.

CT scanners or other X-ray machines create high-frequency EMFs, albeit at a low level. That’s why medical staff use EMF shielding while running scans.

Extremely low-frequency radiation can cause vibrations or movement in atoms. Yet it isn’t strong enough to ionize any cells.

Household appliances and power lines produce this radiation. Even the earth’s magnetic field creates a natural EMF.

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Do I Need EMF Protection?

You’ll encounter most EMFs within your home. The electricity wires in the walls create many of them.

The further away from a device you are, the less radiation will reach you. You can use an EMF detector to find the hot spots in your home.

EMF fields can vary, so make sure to take readings in different places. It’s important to test around your bed since you spend the most time there.

Remember to switch off electronic devices when you aren’t using them. Use wired connections rather than wireless where possible. Earbuds are a better choice for phone calls than holding your cellphone to your ear.

You can also use EMF protection products to reduce radiation exposure. They have silver woven through the fabric that blocks EMFs. Bed canopies and clothing are a great way to reduce your exposure to EMFs.

Order your EMF protection from websites like www.emf-protection.co.uk.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

EMF radiation exists around us in both natural and manmade forms. You can reduce your exposure to it by cutting the time you spend using devices. Putting distance between yourself and your devices also helps.

Yet if you want more protection from EMFs, invest in EMF shielding products. These will block EMF radiation to bring you peace of mind.

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