Easy and Smart Shopping Ideas for Bathroom’s Facelift 

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You can call a space your home when it takes care of your comforts, enjoyment, and peace. But, of course, it doesn’t happen by itself. Your choices have an enormous influence. And it is relevant for every single nook and cranny in your house; you can consider your bathroom, for example. If you look at it, a functional bathroom with all the basic amenities is what you need in the end. Yet, it may not satisfy you. You can remark it’s good, but can you be happy with it just because it solves your simple daily problems? Well, you may want to add your personal touch through various accessories and upgrades.

From towels to storage items to plumbing fixtures, everything creates a sense of completeness and calm. However, you cannot identify with it if the color scheme doesn’t match your expectations or things are lying loose on the floor. Despite being complete, the bathroom can still fail to attract you. That’s why you need to organize and arrange it to your taste. Achieving this goal is as critical as shopping for the right bathroom sink or any other plumbing fixture. So here are some ideas to help you carve a perfect look for it without a huge budget. 


It doesn’t take time to create clutter in the bathroom as you use plenty of small and large items daily. An easy solution for this can be investing in trays. You can get an accessory tray of about 10-by-6-inch that can rest on the back of a toilet. Look for a marble material with sleek lines. Its luxurious charm can be irresistible. With this, you can look for a matching soap and lotion dispenser too. 

A ring dish

You wash your hands and face multiple times a day. For proper cleaning, you have to remove your finger ring. Even if the countertop is uncluttered, you can keep your band randomly on the surface and may lose sight of it too while splashing water on your face. Suppose you put it somewhere in a hurry close to the towel, which can accidentally brush away the ring and push it to the drain hole. So it is risky. 

The simple way to fix this problem is to place a ring dish. The metallic gold finish on the countertop can add a distinct touch. Choose a safe location for it on the vanity so you can develop a habit of storing your ring in that whenever you do the customary bathroom rituals. It will be safe, and you can stay stress-free. 

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Decorative items

If it is a small bathroom, you would want to be careful with what you add. It will be better to shop for something multipurpose. For example, classic glass canisters, which cost about $19.50 to $44.50, can be a great pick. These come in various sizes, allowing you to store cotton swabs, small soaps, cotton balls, and many such items. The area will look extremely tidy. If you enjoy personalization, choose options that allow you to add monograms for a small fee. 

Apart from clear glass jars, you can also buy a unique but elegant wastebasket. Something with a geometrical shape can look artsy. For example, you can think of a hexagonal figure. And the choice can take your entire design game a notch above if you find a porcelain material with golden rims. 

Shelf/ rack

Whether you live in your home or a rented place, you need enough storage room, even in the bath area. Shelves and racks can feel small as a choice, but their practical implication is way significant. You realize it the most when you are in a hurry, and you have to sift through the piles of bottles for one thing. It can be painful. Hence, increasing storage systems is always good. You can look for an over-the-toilet shelving unit if you are in a rented apartment. You cannot drill holes in the walls. But these space-saver items can indeed sort your problem. Or, if it is your property, you can buy small glass corner racks for walls. These tend to have a delicate appearance.

Another simple storage system can be a clear acrylic container for tissues. Usually, people add cardboard boxes. But it can impart a heavy look to your countertop. If you want to keep it airy and clean, a transparent acrylic container can be a suitable alternative.

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Accent mirror

Some things tend to be effortless when it comes to their function and aesthetic value. It’s true about an accent mirror. No matter what type you choose, their presence can precisely define the décor of your sink area and the overall theme. Some colors, such as brown, gold, and silver, can make an intelligent choice as these look different in different lighting conditions.

Shower curtains

You don’t need them with freestanding bathtubs or shower cubicles. But it can be a must for specific structures. When you shop for this, try to get something in vibrant color and that you can wash in your machine. Avoid any thick material, as it can look visually lopsided in a smaller space.

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Wall sconce

You cannot talk about transforming any room without considering the lighting. It can be one of the best and efficient ways to change the whole energy of your bathroom suddenly. If you want to give some attention to lighting fixtures, buy the ones with an antique feel. The matte and gold accent sconces can achieve this quickly.

There are endless options for your bathroom décor. Hence, if you are not satisfied with the existing aura of your bath, you can infuse a touch of your personality through even minor additions. As you keep building, your bathroom would acquire a shadow of your character across its nooks and crannies. Whenever you enter this room, you can feel its positive effect on your mood. And that can be the moment when you know it is yours. You curated its look. Make sure you keep everything clean, though. Otherwise, it can become another reason for your unhappiness.