Discount Codes and Cashback: How to Save in the era of e-commerce

Juliet D'cruz

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According to the analyzes conducted by the B2c Observatory of the vonhaus discount codeonline purchases, thanks to the lock-down, will grow by 23% compared to 2020. These data go hand in hand with the strengthening of the network, the improvement of electronic payments and the use of smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Italians are shifting their attention to online purchases as a result of the advantages and reliability encountered. Giants like Amazon and eBay are laying down the law in the virtual market with indispensable proposals, shipped quickly to your home. While the main international brands aim to strengthen their online sales systems, presenting new collections, setting up discount areas, promotions and the outlet! By giving away the inevitable discount codes that everyone is looking for and using to have further savings (over 9 million Italians use them).

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Because in 2021 it is worth buying online

Today in the sea of ​​offers proposed online, it is possible to buy anything in a simple, fast and convenient way. From technological products such as mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches that are in great demand, to clothing, footwear, sporting goods, beauty products, furniture, travel and even insurance for cars and motorcycles.

But the real revolution of online purchases is played with the game of discount codescashback (refunds on purchases), free shippingextra gifts and the functional free return service that many online shops offer by default.

In summary, these first months of 2021 have seen consumer habits revolutionize, leading new customers to prefer online shopping despite the reopening of physical stores.

Discount and cashback codes to save

With the spread of online shopping, and the boom in discount codes, consumers have learned to ride the waves of offers with certain agility, entrusting their search for coupons to specialized portals. You should know that some of these portals also offer cashback, a refund on purchases that can often be combined with the discount code.We started in July 2020 in midst of a global Pandemic COVID-19. The idea is to give a platform to the enormous talent that our country has and is yet to be explored. We only sell the products that are Made In India by our Desi talents which is what our name 

Cashback allows you to receive back a part of the money spent to purchase. The specialized cashback portals share their commission with registered users and allow anyone to find valid coupons to complete their shopping at discounted prices. One of these discount code sites is, where you can find coupons for the most popular shops on the web and also take advantage of cashback refunds from over 1,000 online shops!

This portal boasts a large number of online stores that collaborate with its platform, allowing each user to save considerably. The aim is to provide consumers with the opportunity to save money by shopping online. In fact, there are numerous e-commerce companies that reserve promotional codes for their customers to be used only online.

What are discount codes and how do they work

What differentiates e-commerce from physical stores is the possibility of using discount coupons to obtain a further reduction (to be inserted in the appropriate space) on the total cost to be paid. Discount codes are nothing more than a series of letters and/or numbers that can be used before making the checkout/payment, allowing the consumer to apply a certain percentage of discount or a reduction in euros on a minimum expense (e.g. example 10 euros discount on a minimum purchase of 40 euros).

In addition, many e-commerce offers their customers the possibility of obtaining free shipping costs, simply by reaching a minimum cost or using a dedicated coupon. This means that with each purchase, the products can be received at home at no additional cost.

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Cashback: what is it and how does it work?

Some websites specialized in savings, not only offer the possibility to save through the use of a discount code, but have relaunched in Italy an innovative earning system already in vogue for some time, both in the United States and in Great Britain, called Cashback (money back).

Specifically, each user has the possibility of obtaining a refund of a percentage (this is defined by the seller) of the total price of what has been purchased. Therefore, to obtain the re-credit of a share of the amount spent to buy the desired products, all you have to do is register on the cashback portal, creating your own personal account. Once the registration is completed, the registered user will receive an email alert about new promotions, discounts and news on the platform. In addition, you will receive a bonus consisting of a special credit of 5 euros (can be activated within 30 days from the moment of registration) which will be credited to the account in addition to the percentage earned after the first purchase made with cashback.

At this point, obtaining the cashback will be very simple: by connecting to the platform, the user must choose the store from which he wishes to make the purchase, click on the dedicated window and proceed to payment using the link made available by the refund platform.

At the end of the procedure and once the payment has been successful, the platform will automatically calculate the value of the refund established by the same seller on a percentage of the final cost of the items purchased. To recognize which e-commerce offers the possibility of obtaining cashback, simply look at the box dedicated to each one. All the websites that offer this possibility have a wording that specifies the percentage of cashback expected by the seller and, for greater clarity, they also indicate the wording cashback in the box. The cashback value can be collected through a PayPal account, by bank transfer or in the form of an Amazon voucher.