Difference Between Wire and Wireless Charging Adapters and Where to Buy Them Online in Bulk?

Juliet D'cruz

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Wireless charging is gaining fame day by day. But did you think why is it getting so popular? What makes it different from the wired charging, and is it the new trend of charging your mobile phones? You must have thought of all these questions, especially if you are considering starting a business for wholesale charging adaptors. Here, we shall discuss the difference between both types of chargers along with online wholesale platforms to buy wholesale adaptors. so, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Before understanding the difference between wired and wireless charging, let’s discuss the definitions below:

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Wires and Wireless Charging

A wired charger uses two coils to transform the voltage coming from the adaptor. 

While a wireless charger uses two coils in close proximity to transfer voltage instead of transforming it. 

The air gap is present in both kinds of chargers. The larger the air gap, the less energy will be transferred. This means that a wireless charger waste 30% more power than a wired charger.

Difference Between Wired and Wireless Charging

Wired and wireless chargers are similar in many ways. One of the biggest differences between both charger types is the air gap between the two coils. Let’s check some of the primary differences between wired and wireless chargers below:

  • User Experience 

People want convenience and efficiency without worrying about the annoying wires of chargers. However, they also want to be able to use their mobiles while charging. That is not possible with the wireless charger as you have to put the mobile phone down to charge it. So, both kinds of chargers come with at least one point that goes against providing the perfect user experience. 

  • Mobility

A wired charger gives the liberty to move the mobile phone while charging. However, a wireless charger can be useful outdoors. The compact size of the wireless charger allows you to easily fit it inside your bag. 

  • Device maintenance

Wired charger cables can stop working after a certain period. However, you do not need to plug in the cable to use a wireless charger. Because of the no wear, no tear rule, wireless chargers often last longer than wired ones.

Where to Buy Mobile Chargers in Bulk?

If you plan to start a wholesale business for mobile chargers, then you should know about the reliable suppliers in the market. the following are some of the best online places to purchase your mobile chargers in bulk:

  • Wholesale Phone Accessories 

Wholesale Phone Accessories is one of the fastest growing online wholesale platforms for mobile phones and accessories. They provide their high-quality products at affordable prices worldwide. Besides wired and wireless chargers, they also offer car chargers, UL certified chargers, phone cables, wired and wireless earbuds, aux audio cables, and speakers.

  • Mini In the Box

Mini In the Box offers thousands of wholesale products at much lower prices than the market rate. This company was established in 2006, and because of their quality products and lowest prices, they are considered among the best online selling places. Besides chargers, you can also get toys, games, cell phone cases, LED lights, and headphones from this supplier.

  • My Cool Cell

My Cool Cell was established in 2000 in Los Angeles with the mission to offer the largest selection of premium quality accessories to businesses. This trusted seller also sells their products directly to the customers. 

This online selling platform offers a wide range of products, including air pods, cables, memory cards, repair parts, cool gadgets, smart home, smartwatches, campus corner, drones, phone cases, mounts, displays, speakers, headphones, wired and wireless chargers, pouches, screen cleaning tools, and stylus pens. 

  • HyperCel

HyperCel was founded in 1995, and they sell its products worldwide. It is one of the leading online platforms for wholesale wired and wireless chargers. They are one of the largest value-added brand manufacturers in the mobile and accessories industry. HyperCel offers thousands of top-notch wholesale products from global brands at reasonable prices to their customers. They ship more than 100,000 units of their products daily.

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  • Mila Wholesale 

Last but not least, Mila Wholesale is one of the best online wholesale platforms because of its excellent customer value and service. This company was started in 2010 by Mark and Sam in a garage, and today it is one of the biggest wholesale companies for lifestyle and impulse buy items. 

Mila Wholesale offers various wholesale products, including wholesale cell phones and accessories, keychains, general merchandise, PPE, blue light glasses, chargers and adapters, sports equipment, and peggable accessories.

Bottom Line 

Wired and wireless chargers have many differences. Many people prefer wired chargers so they can keep checking their Instagram and notifications while charging their mobiles. However, there are many other reasons to purchase wireless chargers. We hope that the information mentioned above will enable you to choose the right type of charger for your wholesale business.