Custom Signs and graphic design ideas for business reopening after lockdown

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Are you ready to reopen your business after the covid-19 pandemic lockdown? If so, effective communication is important to convey the message to customers. As slowly relaxation comes in place that allows the business to reopen after the lockdown with safety measures. Advertising your business using signs and graphics is the best way to inform the customers that your shop is being opened. And to bring enough confidence to your business in New Jersey, display the signage that conveys the information that you are running the business with all safety measures. Here let us discuss the custom signs & graphic design ideas for business reopening after lockdown.

Clear and consistent

Clear and consistent communication will help the customer to know about the service you provide. It brings a sense of security for customers and employees. Make use of the custom sign board design ideas in NJ to encourage customer confidence and present a unique message at all touchpoints. Place the signs and graphics from the entrance to the exit where it’s a great foundation for reopening your business.

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Exterior building signs

Exterior signs will help the customers to know that your shop is ready for the business. For those who are not ready, mark curbside pickup areas with pole signs and frames. Whatever business you are running, the entering point of your business should be inviting. Look for the storefront sign ideas for business reopening and welcome back your customers. Also, the signage alerts the customers that a mask is required while entering your business premises in New York City. Make sure to place the sanitizer outside the premises and inform them to sanitize their hand when entering your premises.

Social distancing signage

Whether you are operating a small business or a large business, it is important to have social distancing signage when operating at full capacity. If you are operating a small business then look for the sign ideas for small business. Today, maintaining social distancing is mandatory to reduce the spread of germs. Floor posters, signage, and graphics will remind the people to keep as social distancing as possible in a friendly manner. In the high traffic areas, place the sanitizer and convey the message using signage.

Placing the signage at the point of purchase will outline safety precautions that your business committed to. This pandemic situation makes everyone keep safety a priority. Following the specific guidelines and sharing the steps using the signage will promote peace of mind to your employees.

Social distancing window stickers

Customized social distancing window stickers are useful for businesses when planning to reopen their business after the lockdown. Informative window stickers will ensure the health and safety regulations that are set by the government. These stickers inform the public that your store is open for business. Include the safety guidelines on the printed sticker.


  • Wear face mask compulsory
  • As the entrance use hand sanitizer
  • Maintain a social distance of at least from staff and other customers
  • Don’t rush, wait for your turn to enter

Social distancing barrier stands and banners 

Social distancing barrier stands are useful for the post-Covid pandemic, especially in the hospitality and retail business sector. The barriers will manage crowds and restrict the number of customers and ensure social distancing. Place the banners or barriers to help people to accommodate by maintaining the 6 feet distance that help the remaining customers to wait out in a queue. The social distancing barrier manages the queue and the signage reminds the customers in New Jersey about the social distancing.

Pull-up stands

Social distancing pull-up stands are mandatory in working environments like banks, offices, schools, etc. Across the office, store, or floor, it is placed at prominent places as per the norms. These pull-up stands are compact and lightweight that can be stored easily when not in use.

Restaurant signs

Clear wayfinding signs and easy-to-read directories will help the foot traffic to move efficiently. In the customer service area, place the signage that includes the varieties of foods in your restaurant. This helps the customers to order the food at the distance and organize lines in the checkout areas. As to ensure safety in the restaurants, custom-fitted sneeze guards act as a subtle barrier between customers and employees.

In restaurants and bars, place the rotated tables and barstools at a particular distance. Signs and decals will alert patrons about available seating. Use table tents to help the customers to scan a QR code. Help the customers to make the payment easily.

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Shop signage

As both indoor and outdoor shop signage is important to direct customers to the shop. The impressive outdoor signage creates the first impression of the brand and the store. Placing the signage will direct customers to follow social distancing in-store and the kind of payment accepted etc.

Safety and wellness

As focusing on safety and wellness, it’s good to place the signs and graphics in place. Make sure of the purpose of the signage and place the relevant one. An updated monument sign or fresh vehicle wraps will extend your brand message about your business reopening.

Wrapping it up

Due to the pandemic situation, a lot of safety measures are implemented in the business premises to ensure safety. Regardless of your business, it is best to look for outdoor signage ideas to inform the customers about the latest update and safety measures in New Jersey. For any business, clear and consistent communication is key to bring potential customers to your business.

If you give priority to your customer’s safety, then approach us. We Blue Dot Signs offers you the customized and classy signage with attractive graphics as per your needs. As informing safety measures to the customers in a unique way will engage them with your business that inevitably improves your revenue. Call us, and tell us about your business needs. We are ready to offer you attractive signage at a competitive price.