Comparison between different business email services

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Comparison b/t different email services

Here we will discuss some different email service and then you will take decision that which emails service will be best for you.


It is good news for users that anyone can use Outlook without paying any charges to anyone. But if anyone wants to buy premium plans then Outlook provide two types of plans. It is amazing that you can these plans annually, not monthly. First is office 365 home that’s price is $100 per year. While other is office 365 personal that is available in $70 per year.

It also provides the facility of right click that is useful for some activities.


  1. You can recover deleted email through some clicks.
  2. You can use Outlook calendar and Skype through outlook.
  3. There are many activities those you can do via right clicking.
  4. Have you mobile devices instead of desktop? No problem, it is useful for IOS as well as Android devices.


  1. You cannot buy its plans for monthly packages.
  2. Sometimes, it could take more time for loading.

Yahoo Mail

You can use Yahoo as different purpose like web browser as well as search engine. This service was introduced in 1994 with high storage memory i.e. 1 TB. You can get different facilities through it like Yahoo Mail, yahoo groups as well as the facilities of Yahoo news. It’s also gives the opportunity of spam emails blocking.


  1. This service provides the facility of best filters for spam.
  2. If you have send or receive any mail or file and want to search it, then it is very easy.
  3. You can create about 500 aliases without adding your personal data.
  4. You can get files and mails from its competitors email services like Gmail and Outlook.
  5. You can block any unwanted address.


  1. The numbers of its filters are very limited. And due to this it will be difficult to use this service.
  2. It can add the ads in your inbox. And due to this, there will be disturbance while using it. #3.

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Zoho Mail

This mail service is the best option if the size of your business is small. You can use this service for free, if your company is consist on 5 members. It has also 3 plans, in 1st plan Mail Lite could be gained by $1 for a single user for month with 5 GB data. While 2nd is standard that provide 30 GB data for month in only $3. And 3rd is professional that gives 100 GB data for month in only $6.

This service could be used for business and personal with minimum amount.


  1. Its expense is very minimum.
  2. You can get the facility of tagging people and can share your memories.
  3. You can delete or archive emails in multiple as well as single number.
  4. It is the good news for users that, there are no problems of ads.
  5. This service could be used on all types of devices.


  1. There is the lack of facility through that you can import contact from other social media platforms.


Gmail is that email service that could be used for all size of business. This email service is much importance for using it for getting the access to many other social media platforms. It is the most used email service in the world and about million new people use this service on daily basis. It is also the best Google provided service that has gained popularity in very short time. In these days, mostly people buy Gmail accounts for their small as well as big companies.


  1. You can use other email services through this service.
  2. You can use unlimited labels.
  3. This service could be used in online as well as without internet connection.


  1. It does not offer the opportunity of folders.
  2. It scans all emails that you send or receive.
  3. There are unlimited ads those could be appear while you are using your account.

From above discussion, it is clear that only Gmail can give the better opportunities for business. So, old Gmail account for sale and enjoy the real benefits of online business.

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