Cars For Sale Near Me, Hard To Find And How To Choose

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Cars for sale near me, hard to find and how to choose

On average, a person buys a car for 4 years and 10 months, according to analysts. This is a serious period of time, so the vehicle must be as comfortable, reliable and profitable in operation as possible. Cars for sale near me are the best option, you can consider them in detail, clarify their history and of course be convinced of your choice. We tell you how to choose the perfect car for yourself.

Checklist when buying

New or used

A new car costs 20-35% more than a 5-year-old and 40-60% more than a 10-year-old. But it also has far fewer problems. Maintenance during the warranty period is regulated, you know in advance the terms of visiting the service center and the cost of services. 

A used car will cost less. For the same money, you can choose a car of a higher class – for example, a business-class sedan instead of a city car or SUV instead of a station wagon. But the technical condition of the vehicle remains unknown even to the previous owner – hidden faults can manifest themselves months later. And they such cars are easier to find locally, near you. Not all cities have car dealerships of the brand you need. In good cases, the cost of servicing a used car is even lower – spare parts are cheaper, you can choose from a variety of service stations.

Source of energy

In 2022, you have three types of cars to choose from. Traditional internal combustion engines are still the most popular. Other car features aside, they cost the cheapest, but require a lot of fuel and maintenance.

Electric cars cost twice as much for similar performance. Their range is 2-4 times less, and charging stations are still rare. But they cost four to five times less to run than gasoline models, making them a good choice for short trips in big cities.

Hybrid cars combine two types of drive – an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. They cost 1.5 times as much as conventional cars, and their operating costs are 25-30% less. The hybrid drive makes the car more economical and reliable, although it creates some maintenance difficulties.

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Type of fuel

Gasoline engines are more powerful, all other things being equal. They are easier to maintain, easier to start at low temperatures, and less demanding of fuel quality.

Diesels give higher torque – they take the lead in acceleration, but are inferior in maximum speed. Such engines are more reliable and economical.

There are also compressed and liquefied gas vehicles. The cost of their fuel is much lower – the costs are reduced by 15-35%. But this conversion removes the warranty from the car (except installation at a certified service station). In addition, the gas installation is expensive and takes up a lot of space in the trunk.


The manual transmission costs less. It helps save fuel and lasts much longer. In addition, its maintenance costs are usually low.

An automatic transmission increases your comfort level – you can focus on the road and not think about shifting gears. But it’s more expensive and requires frequent, expensive maintenance.

Variator – a kind of “automatic”, gradually changing the gear ratio. It is better for the city due to the smooth acceleration. But on the highway, many drivers are fed up with the humming of the engine at constant revolutions.

The robotized gearbox is the “mechanics”, which is controlled by an electronic unit. It combines the comfort of an automatic transmission with the economy and dynamics of a manual one. Its only disadvantage is the high price.

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Lifehacks for choosing a car

  • Focus on the brand. Cars in the same class and price range can have different character depending on the brand. For example, Mercedes-Benz is focused on passenger comfort, while Audi is focused on dynamic driving.
  • Be sure to check the equipment package. Reading the full characteristics of each car is tedious. Highlight a few things you want to find in the brochure or ad. For example, air conditioning, leather upholstery, or radar cruise control.