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To run your online business without interruptions and third-party involvement, you require web hosting that provides you with an isolated and independent hosting platform. For that, you should choose the Dedicated Server in Ashburn. In this hosting, the entire server space is yours. This means you’ll get full private space and dedicated resources to host and run your business website. So, your site runs with a 20X faster speed and optimal performance, and all your site data must be kept with greater security measures. 

Further, let’s hop into the guide to know more benefits of Hosting your site in an isolated environment. Let’s get started with the basics!

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Know About Dedicated Server Ashburn

A Dedicated Server hosting service is the most prominent web hosting type that is especially used to host resource intensive and high traffic websites. Further, you can host gaming and heavily loaded websites with your Ashburn Dedicated Server. Because the dedicated server, as per its name, provides you a complete set of devoted resources that ensure your site always remains optimal and high-performing. One of the most interesting things in Dedicated Hosting is you do not have to share your resources with other sites or users like in another hosting, i.e., a shared server. 

A Dedicated Server is basically divided into two types, namely Managed Dedicated Server and Unmanaged Dedicated Server. The users who have limited budgets and less technical knowledge must go with the Managed Dedicated Server in Ashburn. So, the web host manages their hosting for their users. Whereas the users with strong technical skills and enough time to manage their server must opt for unmanaged hosting. So, you can choose the hosting according to your time and budget.


When does your website need Ashburn Dedicated Server Hosting?

Few circumstances arise when you feel it’s time to host your site on a Dedicated Server in Ashburn. Some of the situations are mentioned below:

  • When your site requires high availability of resources.
  • When you need more optimized performance.
  • When you want your site to process with 20X faster server speed. 
  • When you require complete Server Control.
  • When you want to customize your resources.
  • When you need more scalability and flexibility.
  • When you want to run multiple sites.

These situations influenced any user to host their website on a Dedicated Server in Ashburn. But you can use a VPS Server also instead of Dedicated Server, then why should users opt for this? Let’s know in the later section of this article.


Why Do You Use a Dedicated Server in Ashburn?

As it’s a genuine and bitter truth that the Dedicated Server Hosting Ashburn comes with a hefty price tag, and its maintenance is not a cup of cake for every user. However, from the below-mentioned categories, you may require a dedicated server in Ashburn Hosting if you fall for anyone. 

  • To host numerous websites on a single server
  • To employ 100% Dedicated Resources
  • To Customize Resources as per your needs
  • For maximum reliability
  • For Heightened Security

You can even host your site on a VPS Server. Still, you’ll not get the level of data security, reliability, scalability, and high availability of resources like a Dedicated Server Ashburn. However, you just need to opt for the Dedicated Server if you have long term business goals. Also, you can maximize your business if you make a wise decision as a web host. 


Serverwala: The Best & Cheap Web Hosting Provider

Serverwala is a trustworthy and reliable web host provider that provides several web hosting services and affordable packages. Further, you can expect many reliable services with the hosting package, including high RAM, unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime, optimal performance, high speed internet connection, and so on. The company Serverwala also receives so many awards because of catering these reliable services to potential customers. However, it has made more than 10,000 happy customers across the globe. Additionally, you can expect round the clock customer and technical support from the expert support team of serverwala. 


Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn Plans

The company Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd. provides you the cheap and exclusive plans that comprise a wide range of services and intense resources that you can employ for your high performing website. You can check the Windows and Linux Ashburn Dedicated Server plans in the below images and easily choose the reliable one for you. 


Unique Features of Serverwala Dedicated Server Ashburn 

Here are some of the top features of a Serverwala that you can use to boost your site’s overall performance and server speed. Here we enlisted some of the full features of Dedicated Server Ashburn for you:

#1. Operating System Choice

Choose the independent platform on which you want to run your operating system. Basically, you have two choices at all, including Windows and Linux. 

#2. Control Panel Options

You can have reliable management panels, including cPanel and Plesk panel with the Dedicated Server Ashburn Hosting, from which you can pick the most user friendly one. So, it will be easy for you to configure your server. 

#3. Unlimited Website Hosting

Dedicated Server Ashburn Hosting enables its potential customers and users to host unlimited sites on the server. You are free to host multiple websites as you can handle and operate. 

#4. Root Level Control

With the Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server, you’ll be given complete root level control. So, you can easily configure your server. Also, if you want to install any custom application on your server, you can install it with one click. 

#5. Free Dedicated Server Setup

With the company Serverwala, you’ll be given free of cost Ashburn Dedicated Server Hosting Setup. So, you do not have to wait so long for instant deployment. Once you are done with your payment process, your server setup will be given to you shortly. 

#6. High Performance Guarantee

With the best Dedicated Server Ashburn hosting, you can expect a high level of performance guarantee because of the robust configurations, reliable infrastructure, powerful & Dedicated resources. All these factors ensure high performance. 

#7. High Level of Data Security

You’ll be given greater security measures that ensure a high level of data security of your website data. It could be your personal details, user ID & password, Credit & debit card details, and so on. 

#8. 100% Dedicated Resources

There is no doubt in it that with a Dedicated Server Ashburn, you’ll be given a complete set of devoted resources that belong to you. Also, the high availability of resources ensures 100% dedicated resources for your site. 

#9. Easy Customization

You can easily customize your resources and services with one click to choose the Serverwala web host. This is because it allows you to easily customize your resources for your online business. 

#10. Hardware Level Control

You can enjoy the hardware level control of your server with Dedicated Hosting. You do not require any permission to make changes on your server. This is because you can already have hardware-level control with your hosting. 

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Serverwala’s Ashburn Dedicated Server Ashburn hosting gives you a complete isolated hosting environment best suited for resource intensive sites. Also, you’ll be given your dedicated resources that solely belong to a single user. This means no other users can access your hosting space and server resources. Further, you do not have to worry about data security and the high speed of your server because most businesses opt for a dedicated server because of these reasons. However, you can freely invest your money buying the Cheap Dedicated Server Ashburn from the Serverwala web host. This will also give you 24*7 support. So, you can easily connect with them by WhatsApp, Live Chat, Skype, or call. So, what are you waiting for? Just buy the hosting and start your experience with it.