Brisbane Yamaha Reviews Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit

Juliet D'cruz

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If you are interested in exploring a water joyride with your dear ones, then it is all possible with Brisbane Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit model. It comes with a big package but will render a huge collection of memories with family and friends who love water sports, be it fishing or cruising or any other. This water boat cabin is made up of a Blade hull along with a flared bow. Hence, it won’t let you feel any kind of discomfort. Instead, it will make you feel a smooth and convenient water ride contrary to any other competitive alloy boat on the market. 

What Makes Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit So Appealing?

Now there might be a question on your mind as to what makes Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit so appealing for a water joyride. Well, this cockpit comes with all necessary fittings including two pedestal seats at the tiller, a rear lounge where you can relax. The best thing about it is it can be folded as per your need. It is the best spot to lie down for resting and beating the tiredness after long hours of cruising. 

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Other Facilities

If you are still not convinced and wants to know what more does Quintex 590 Ocean Spirit offers to its crew members, then let me tell you that this cruise boat is facilitated with a roomy cabin acquainted with cushions and bunks that are in high demand for your comeback from the whole day on the ocean. The cruising boat ship measures 6.12 m in overall length and 2.29m beam. Coming on to the size of bottom sheets, then it is around 4 mm, and a small hinged window with 150hp. 

Other than these facilities, Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit also has other provisions like abundant storage interlinked with shaped side panels. Besides this, this cruise boat ship will also facilitate you with another storage under the ground and cabin bunks.

More Added Features

Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit is not limited to these essential elements only. It has more to offer for its crew members including easy and quick anchor access. This cabin boat also has the facility of VHF radio, so no room for boredom. You can enjoy the music while cruising. Counting on more favorable features is a rear ladder for up and down movements. 

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Coming on to basic hygiene, Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit also has a one-way drainage system. It won’t let you in the state of any discomfort, because it is filled with all-important accessories including safety gear and the braked metal trailer. Hence, all these ready-made accessories make it a full-fledged cruise boat ship or call it an all-rounder for cruise fun with family, partners, and friends. 

Explore Now!

Now, do you still need any more evidence in exploring Quintrex 590 Ocean Spirit after finding it perfect for your aqua ride? Of course, not. Leave no chance in making your loved ones enjoy the beautiful memories on the ocean. In the end, this convenient cabin boat is ideal for enjoying any water sport be it cruising or fishing. I am sure your dear ones would love it.