Benefits of Online Brand Maker Tools 

Juliet D'cruz

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Benefits of Online Brand Maker Tools 

Building a business and building a brand are two different, but symbiotic things. When you begin your own business, you need to have a coherent business plan, that concretely lays out your goals and objectives, mission and vision statements, product offerings, projected audiences and projected earnings, along with all kinds of other business-related research.

But one critical piece of this is your logo and slogan. This is what people will see when they walk down the street, read in the local paper, or see online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is a critical part of your relationship with the general public.

What Are Your Options for Logo & Slogan Design?

Designing your logo and slogan is a huge task and can take a long time, depending on how much effort and R&D you want to put into it. But, if you’re going to start a business, then a memorable logo and/or slogan is a critical element. Start with an idea of what you want your brand maker to look like. Do you want your logo to be big or small? Do you want to have an accompanying slogan, or let the logo speak for itself? How are you going to advertise your business – this will impact your logo/slogan design.

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions and have sufficient answers, it’s time to think about designing your logo and/or slogan using a brand-maker tool. These tools are designed to help you design a punchy logo/slogan that will bring you success as a brand, but what are some of the pros and cons of using them, as opposed to hiring a graphic designer?

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Online Tools Pros

Cost – Often, your most basic logo generators are completely free-to-use, or at a very low cost. They are a far cheaper option than hiring a graphic designer. Though, you do get what you pay for.

Usability – In terms of usability, a brand maker tool is typically very easy to use for the average person, it’s designed that way to be as accessible to as many people as possible.

Infinitely Customisable – Most iterations of brand maker tools will have almost limitless customisation options, from fonts and graphics to colours and effects. Most brand maker tools will offer near-complete customisation.

Cons of Online Brand Maker Tools

You Get What You Pay For – Given that many of these brand maker tools are free, the quality of work they produce might not necessarily be to your liking. It pays to shop around and try a few different ones.

Nothing Beats Craftsmanship – Quite honestly, nothing can quite beat the customisation offered by an artist’s hands. While it may cost you more and take more time, the finished product may well be that much better than what can be created online, and hiring a graphic designer will be worth it.

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Lacking in Quality – Some – many – of these graphic design tools for logos produce a largely unprofessional look. They might be fine for a first run, or a mock-up of the final product, but an online brand maker tool isn’t typically used for a finished product.

Using online brand maker tools is perfect if you’re just getting started in the business world and running with a razor-thin budget or want to mock up a design or two for your logo. But in general, the best practice is to get a graphic designer or artist to design your logo for you. Spend the money and get it done professionally and you’ll have a logo that will be memorable by customers the world over.