Beauty in the Bloom: Top 5 Flowers for Your Garden

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Every garden needs to have at least one type of flower to create beauty and blooming colors to life. Moreover, whether you prefer to start planting flower seeds indoors before spring starts or just showing them directly, many flowers can bloom quickly without needing a full-on summer season.

Understanding different flowers and techniques for planting can help transform your garden into a lively one that even your neighbors or loved ones would envy. 

Whether it’s planting roses or sunflowers, here are some of the best flowers to plant for your garden. Easy to grow and beautifully blooms during the spring and summer, so you wouldn’t have to worry about a blank garden during those seasons.


Daffodils or Narcissus are just the cutest flowers you’d want to have for your garden. They have many beautiful perks that certainly bring out the unique charm that these flowers have on them.

These adorable tiny flowers come in shades of cream, pink and yellow and are oh-so fragrant. Moreover, they also live longer and don’t specifically need strict maintenance when caring for them in their mature state.

Are you worried about wild animals visiting your lawn and munch on the daffodils? Fret not, for even rodents and deers don’t touch such flowers. Furthermore, daffodil types don’t necessarily need cold temperatures for you to time their bloom.


Have you ever seen those decoratives in your local flower shops where these tiny flowers look kind of withered and placed inside tin cans? Those are called strawflowers or Xerochrysum bracteatum, and don’t let their dry looks fool you, for the real blossoms are vivid and colorful.

Strawflowers share the same form as daisies, but their petals are stiff and are paper-like in touch. That’s why some might have seen such flowers being used as dry ornaments when doing craft projects.

Most gardeners start planting strawflower seedlings each year, and the plant grows best in states with hot summers. Additionally, these flowers have tons of varieties that could extend over three feet tall, so if you’re into tall flowers, then starflowers would fit perfectly in your garden.


Growing crocus flowers are always the wonderfully best choice when it comes to folks who plan on naturalizing their lawns. They are also super quick to grow as container plants, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the complicated aspects of gardening.

There are 80 types of crocus you can choose from; most gardeners prefer mixing crocus seedlings with the other to create hybrids. Although crocus hybrids tend to bloom a little late, their impressive growth span can grow larger than a regular crocus does.

Crocus flowers are mostly planted during the early spring season, but for those who prefer not following a plan, other types of crocus bloom during the fall or even early winter. The growth rate of the flowers is fast and would bloom in a span of two to five weeks.


The ever classic Tulips blossoms with the most bright and vivid colors are the perfect plant for every garden. With proper planning, the flowers are sure to bloom from time to time for a span of up to three months. Additionally, some varieties would bloom as early as March, so preparations should always be set.

For late bloomers, tulips tend to grow alongside bleeding hearts and columbines. However, gardeners should always keep in mind that tulips are also tasty snacks for wild animals such as squirrels, deers, and many more that have tulip petals on their menu.

Many tulip hybrids tend to be short-lived, and keeping massive collections of tulips requires replanting every different bulb during the fall season if you want to make it on time for their full bloom during the spring.

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Hyacinths or Hyacinthus orientalis are big puffy flower heads formed by dozens of tiny, aromatic pipe-shaped flowers. Take a closer look at each flower one by one, and take in the sweet aroma of each bud. Additionally, one reason why hyacinths smell the way they do is that they are in the same family branch as lilies.

Hyacinths commonly bloom in the shade of blue, but there are many other colors that they can showcase, such as shades of white, violet, and more. Mature hyacinth flowers can be perfectly mixed with your daffodils and tulips in the garden to create a beautiful landscape.

Modern-bred hyacinths are considered the easiest flowers to grow, as they can be grown both in pots, soil and even in those aesthetic transparent bulb vases. These flowers are best planted during the early fall and slowly increase in full bloom in the springtime.

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Flowers are always an essential asset in making your garden even more beautiful and vivid. Whoever said that growing vegetables and fruits are the only things that can make your garden alive? Indeed, they have not tried growing flowers. With proper practice and planning, your garden is sure to burst with life and colors, especially during the spring season.


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