Bartender Certification: A Comprehensive Guide to Success in the Industry

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Are you considering a career as a bartender? This profession is not just about mixing and serving drinks. It requires knowledge, skill, and certification. Bartending, a dynamic and lucrative industry, is projected to grow 6% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1. This article provides an in-depth guide to bartender certification, a key stepping stone to success in this thriving industry.

What is bartender certification?

Bartender certification is a credential that validates an individual’s knowledge and skills in alcohol service. This includes understanding drink recipes, serving techniques, alcohol laws, and customer service. Obtained through specialized training programs, employers often require it and can enhance a bartender’s employability. Some states may even require it by law for those serving alcoholic beverages. The certification specifically focuses on the following:

1. Procedure and Policy Standards: Introduction to industry norms and best practices.

2. Effects of Alcohol on Consumers: Understanding how alcohol influences behavior and physical condition.

3. Intervention Techniques: Tactfully learning how to refuse a sale when necessary.

4. Checking Identification: Training to verify age through ID checks.

5. Spotting Fake IDs: Techniques to identify counterfeit identification.

6. Liability Protection: Strategies to safeguard the bartender and the employer from legal issues.

7. Recognizing Intoxication: Learning to spot signs of excessive alcohol consumption.

8. Preventing Overconsumption: Methods to discourage customers from drinking excessively.

How to obtain a bartender certification

Here are the steps you can use to obtain your certification:

1. Earn a GED

The first step in becoming a certified bartender is obtaining your General Education Diploma (GED). This is the minimum educational requirement for most bartending schools and programs. It equips you with basic knowledge and skills, including math for handling cash and measurements and English for communicating effectively with customers.

2. Complete a Bartender Program

Next, enroll in a reputable bartender program. These programs teach you the fundamentals of bartending, such as understanding different types of alcohol, learning standard drink recipes, and mastering pouring techniques. Some programs may offer additional training in customer service, sales, and conflict resolution.

3. Complete Training in Private Mixology

Private mixology training can provide a more in-depth understanding of cocktail creation. This includes learning about flavor profiles, experimenting with different ingredients, and developing unique drinks. It can also cover advanced techniques like flaring, which can add an element of entertainment to your service.

4. Earn Relevant Certifications

Depending on your location, you may need to obtain specific certifications. For instance, some states require a food handler’s certification or a Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) certification. These certify that you understand the laws and safety regulations around serving food and alcohol.

5. Gain Bartending Experience

Experience is key in the bartending industry. Start by working in entry-level roles like bar back or server, where you can observe and learn from experienced bartenders. Look for internships or apprenticeships that provide hands-on experience.

6. Develop Your Skills

Continuously work on improving your skills. Practice mixing drinks, learn new recipes, and stay updated on industry trends. Good communication and customer service skills are also crucial, which can greatly enhance a patron’s experience.

7. Start Working

Once you’ve gained experience and honed your skills, start applying for bartending jobs. Remember, even after you’ve landed a job, continual learning and skill development are key to being a successful bartender.

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