Awesome Places to Celebrate Birthdays in Dubai

Juliet D'cruz

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Every year a day comes in our lives that hold an exceptional and momentous place in our hearts. A day which we celebrate with utmost eternity, happiness, and joy like it’s never going to come again. You must be perplexing that which day we are referring to, right? We are referring to the most extravagant occasion of our lives which is our birthday.

Most of the people are fond of and intrigued to celebrate this day and everyone deserves special and peerless treatment on this day, right? However, do you know what the most integral component is if someone wants to commemorate his /her birthday? It is the destination or venue for the birthday party.

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Whether you want to surprise your loved ones on their birthday or you want to throw a profligate birthday party, if you don’t espouse the venue wisely, then the dhow cruise birthday party will be a huge disaster and no one wants that, right? That is why we are here to make your lives facile and effortless by putting forward some awesome places to celebrate birthdays in Dubai. All you have to do is stick with us till the end of this article and be aquatinted with the spectacular places that Dubai has to offer you.

A Luxury Restaurant

Firstly, we have luxury restaurants onboard. Birthday commemoration is all about impeccably delicious food, right? So, treat yourself and your loved ones to this prodigious event by celebrating it in a luxury restaurant. You will be exhilarated to know that Dubai has infinite options when it comes to luxury restaurants which means it is going to be an adamant decision to opt for the best one. After all, no one wants to ruin their birthday by choosing an erroneous venue but don’t worry because we are here to make this decision effortless for you.

You just have to consider a few pertinent things before choosing the luxury restaurant which are the ambiance, the reviews, the rating, the cuisine, their specialty, and last but the least, their popularity or lionization. This checklist will assist you in opting for the finest and unsurpassed luxury restaurant which suits your taste, liking, and requirements to celebrate your birthday in the best way possible.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Secondly, the extravagant venue on our list is the dhow cruise dubai marina. When in Dubai then why not take benefit from the sumptuous perks of Dubai. One of which is dhow cruising. One of the best parts about dhow cruise Dubai marina is that they can arrange customized birthday decorations on the dhow which means you don’t need to worry about the birthday decor at all.

An appetizing and succulent cruise dinner with mesmerizing view of skyscrapers, buildings with magnificent infrastructure, and Marina skyline while background music is playing, you are floating on tranquil water waves, and the refreshing breeze is blowing is an epitome of perfection and exquisiteness to celebrate a birthday party with your family or friends. Sounds incredible, right? In short, the dhow cruise Dubai marina is an ideal venue to surprise your loved one on their special day or to throw an awe-inspiring and majestic birthday party.

Dubai Waterparks

Thirdly, we have Dubai Waterparks. If you are one of those who want to commemorate their birthday by experiencing something intrepid and venturesome, then Dubai Waterparks have to be your ideal and absolute birthday destination.

Also, different waterparks in Dubai overture free services to people not only on their birthday but during the whole birthday month like Wild Wadi Waterpark which is one of the gargantuan waterparks of Dubai offers free tickets during birthday month, and Aqua venture Waterpark which has been designated as the number one waterpark in Dubai offers not only free pass on birthday but a discount as well for family and friends on tickets. Isn’t that incredible? So, if you want to commence the new year of your life with an adrenaline and serotonin rush, then you can opt for waterparks as your birthday venue without giving a second thought.

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Luxury Yacht with Lotus Dinner Cruise

Fourthly, we have luxury yacht on our list. It’s your birthday and it’s high time to treat yourself with an opulent and prolific experience. We are talking about a sumptuous lotus dinner cruise on a luxury yacht. You will be astounded to know that this grandiose lotus yacht comprises 220 ft with high-end and majestic interior. It’s a perfect opportunity to treat your taste buds with international cuisine which means infinite variety of food on your special day. Hence, it is an ideal venue for those who want to spend a luxurious birthday this year.

Dubai Polo Club

Last but not the least, we have the Dubai Polo club on our list. It’s your birthday and you deserve a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and your tedious or monotonous daily routine. The ultimate way of taking this break and giving yourself preferential treatment on your special day is by celebrating it in Dubai Polo Club. The specialty of this place lies in its bewildering ambiance and utterly toothsome food.

The greenery with horses and the serenity of this place is to die for. You can also have a mini pool party with cocktails along your family or friends at this place. On top of that, this place also has a spa which means you can have some time and treat yourself to something extra on your special day. In short, it is an exemplary venue to spend your birthday with your friends and family isolated from the busy and hectic city life.

Final Verdict

Kudos to you that you have made it to the end. To conclude, we can say that Dubai is saturated with fun and magnificent places if you want to celebrate your birthday in a unique and extravagant way this year. You can trust all our recommendations without giving a second thought and trust us, you won’t regret any of them. In short, Dubai never fails to impress with its limitless options for luxuriating life at your fullest.