An Excellent Sew-In Weave Regimen:

Juliet D'cruz

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If the multibillion-dollar Hair market is any indication, we adore our Weaves! Straight, Wavy, Curly, kinky: the world of Weaves has provided us with a plethora of options. It’s no surprise that we love Weaves so much. I could have a silky smooth bob this month and waist-length Wavy Hair next month, all without risking my hair.

When it comes to Weaving, your hair should always come first. Because your hair is not exposed to the main cause of breakage, manipulation, length retention is considerably improved while wearing hair bundles. By maintaining a proper hair regimen while wearing a sew-in, you can take advantage of the increased retention.

The majority of women nowadays are well-versed in proper hair care. Rather than adopting weaves as a replacement for good hair, they utilize them as a tool to help them grow their hair long and healthy. This is fantastic, but some women continue to make critical errors.

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Protein is extremely important in hair care. Protein is found in your hair, and part of it is lost after resting, combing, colouring, or simply being in the sun for too long. Protein must be replaced regularly to keep your strands strong and prevent continuous breakage.

You must first apply a protein treatment to your hair before braiding it down for a sew-in. It will strengthen your hair and make it more resistant to breakage during the braiding process. If you want to sew for two months, protein treatment is necessary before and after installation and it should be done every week.

Once your extensions are put in, you’ll need to take a mild protein every two weeks. If you have kinky, curly, or wavy hair that looks best when wetted every day, keep in mind that your braids will absorb a lot of moisture. Breakage is unavoidable if you don’t use protein to balance out the moisture in your braided hair after you remove the installation.

Because you won’t be able to use a regular protein conditioner while in the weave, go for protein braid sprays or other protein sprays. It’s as simple as lifting your extensions and spraying your strands beneath the tracks.


If you’ve opted to wear straight bundles, you’re probably not going to be wetting your hair every day. In this case, it will be moisture that your hair is in desperate need of. Because you won’t be able to apply a creamy moisturiser, a moisturising braid spray or a spray leave-in conditioner would suffice. Simply lift your extensions and lightly spritz the braids underneath. You can also give your braids a light massage to hydrate each part.

You can also grease your scalp if necessary. Not everyone reacts well to oil; I find that any oil other than what my scalp generates naturally makes me itch like crazy, so be cautious! However, oiling your scalp daily is not recommended because it will clog your pores, causing itching. It’s enough to do it once a week after you’ve washed your hair.

Deep Condition:

Yes, even if you’re wearing a sew-in, you should deep condition! Using a bottle with a pointed tip, apply regular conditioner to your extensions and watered down conditioner to your braids. These bottles are available at your local beauty supply store.

On your braids, it’s better to use mild liquid or watered down conditioners rather than creamy hair treatments. Not only would it be tough to get the creamy conditioner into the braids, but it will also be difficult to wash out. When you remove the braids, if there is a lot of conditioner buildup in them, your hair may matt, causing tangling and breaking.

A steamer can be used to add moisture to dry strands without using too much conditioner. To maintain balance, use your protein spray every two weeks.

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 Dry Thoroughly:

It’s not enough to just blow dry your extensions! You’ll also need to sit under a dryer to dry your cornrows underneath the sew in weave fully. A fungal infection on your scalp is the last thing you want!

Enjoy Your Hair:

You’ll be well on your way to not only improved length retention but also much healthier, stronger hair if you follow these guidelines. It won’t take long before your length surpasses that of the majority of weaves!