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The ISO 20743:2013 mainly deals with the textile industries and gives guidelines for the clothing products such as bedsheets and different cloths.


The ISO (International Standard Organization) is a non-governmental organization that works individually for increasing and maintaining the efficiency of the organization. It also helps the organizations for improving their inner management.

The ISO 20743 is officially published in 2013, 7 with standard rules and regulations for textiles products. The ISO 20743 is decided the antibacterial activity for textiles products. The ISO 20743 is the test method for the textile products for antibacterial activity. It is used in many textile products that are like home furnishing, Bedsheets, Clothing Items, Wadding thread, and many more products that we use in our daily life. All products that belong from the textiles family must have to go with an antibacterial standard process provided by the ISO 20743 certification in India.

In the ISO 20743, it contains the different types of testings that are:-

  • Absorption Method

In this method the test bacterial suspension directly in the samples.

  • Transfer Method

 In this method, the test bacteria place on the agar plate for testing it and transferring it into the samples.

  • Printing Method

In this method test the bacteria that are placed in the filter and after that it will be printed in the samples.

For measuring the enumeration of bacteria ISO 20343 provides the specific method called the colony plate count method and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). The applicant chooses the most acceptable method to test your product. You can choose the method in which environment you have to use this textiles product. You have to choose the method carefully that fulfills your requirements about the textile product. These three methods are provided by the ISO Certification in India and perform with standard, that method is most important to perform for any textile manufacturer organizations

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Benefits of ISO 20743 Certification: –

  • It defines the quality of the textile product.
  • You can perform this test on the different types of fabric.
  • This certification provides different types of the method you can choose one of them for testing your product.
  • This certification allows you to do both tests bacteriostatic and bactericidal on given fabric material.
  • This standard method is very important for the textile product for done them antibacterial.

The ISO 20743 you can use as the antimicrobial test for your textiles products which provides you important data regarding your product, Also It determines how your product will be performed against the microorganisms. Also, it defines the quality of your textile product that is beneficial for your organization. This Method is coming from the Japanese industrial Standards Because it is need of the textile manufacturer organizations.

Performing antibacterial tests on your product defines the quality of the product and customers also ensure about your product. The ISO 20743 certification contains the rules and regulations about the process of the antibacterial that performing on the textile products.

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The ISO 20743 Certification is mainly focused on the textile products organizations that manufacture the products like clothes, home furnished products, covers, etc. the product is also going through the antibacterial process that enhancing the quality of the textile product. This certification also helps the organization for improving and maintaining the same quality of the product. This method is based on the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Method.