5 Advantages of Online Classes and What Can Be Improved

Juliet D'cruz

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Lockdown forced us to study online but now it became a trend. There are so many advantages of online classes that made it so popular nowadays.

Due to the advantages of online classes, it has become popular nowadays. Today, most of the students are studying online, whether they are in schools or colleges, or preparing for further exams.   Ok, let me tell you a backstory before telling you the advantages of online classes.

I live in Jaipur, and my younger brother studies in a school in Sanganer. I also studied in that school, and I got jealous sometimes. But, unlike me, he doesn’t have to wake up early and be ready to go to school on the winter or rainy days.

So, I got the idea and started writing about the advantages of online classes. However, while writing about the advantages, I realized the disadvantages of online classes too. So, let’s start with the benefits of online classes.

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Advantages of Online Classes

Better Attendance

Among the many advantages of online classes, the first on our list is better attendance. I don’t need to prove this. Imagine yourself going to school on a rainy day, and your clothes are wet and whatnot. These are some of the situations due to which we can’t go to school, even if we want to. However, there is too little in the case of online classes. You have observed this benefit of online classes during the lockdown as we cannot step outside.


From so many advantages of online classes, the most talked about is comfort. Teachers and students feel comfortable, making it easier for both of them to perform their job. I agree it was difficult in the starting for teachers and students to become used to it. But, now, many teachers and children prefer taking classes online.


Online classes offer way more than physical classes. For example, if someone got absent, then teachers can record the lessons and send the recordings. In addition, there is an easy way to organize and store things, like Google sheets, PDF editor, doc files, etc. These advantages of online classes make it easier for teachers and students to do their respective work. Furthermore, technology has improved so much that now teachers can make short animated films to help students understand the concepts. There are numerous advantages of virtual classrooms that make teaching much more effective.

Improved Self-Discipline

When things become easier, we need more self-discipline to complete them. When there is no teacher around, then is the time when you need to focus on the class by yourself. There are times when you might feel like skipping the class and watching the recording later on. This is the time where your self-discipline is examined. In my view, this is the most important benefit of online classes for students.


Going to school or colleges incur so many expenses that we don’t realize. For example, there are so many traveling expenses, dresses, snacks after school, electricity bills for schools and colleges, etc. These are just a few and can impact us financially. The advantage of online classes is that a lot of money is being saved and saved in the future. Also, it is a relief for many parents as they don’t afford that much.

Disadvantages of Online Classes and How to Solve

Everything has a good aspect and also a bad aspect. After reading about the advantages of online classes, now read about their disadvantages. Further, you also get to know some tips to avoid them.

Difficulty to Teachers

Not all teachers are happy with online classes. The disadvantage of online classes is that they don’t have the basic understanding of computers and mobiles. Also, many teachers don’t have the required resources to take online classes. Now, to solve this problem, school authorities have to enter into the discussion. First, they need to conduct training for teachers so that they can teach online. Also, they should provide basic resources to conduct online classes.

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Sense Of Isolation

Students nowadays started feeling isolated due to the online classes. For schooling, all students come outside their homes. But nowadays, they have to do most things by themselves. This is a major disadvantage of online classes and needs to be solved. For this, parents should encourage their children to go outside, meet friends and families, and play games.

Manage Screen Time

The advantages of online classes have turned into disadvantages here. Due to the online classes, many students are on the screens so many times. and it is seriously impacting their eyes and overall health as well. Parents have to manage it and take care that their child is not on mobiles or laptops for so long.


These are the advantages of online classes that students are enjoying nowadays. However, as I said earlier, nothing comes without demerits. Therefore, you also get to know the disadvantages of online classes and how to deal with them.