Advantages of including microlearning in K-12 content development

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Learn how K-12 content development uses Microlearning to make learning easy by breaking down complicated information into small easily understandable chunks of modules.


Technology has been growing for the past few decades. It has helped many sectors to grow rapidly. Currently, we are seeing yet another movement, this time in the field of education. Technology has advanced significantly, allowing educators and students to benefit from technologies that will improve their experiences. Microlearning content and images have been fantastic learning aids thanks to educational technologies. This is one of the reasons why e-learning companies in India are creating K-12 content development based on micro-learning methodology.

Microlearning approach: The microlearning methodology was created in order to make learning easy for students. The idea behind micro learning technique is to break down knowledge into easily digestible chunks. Broad material involving a lot of technical jargon, for example, complicated data can be broken down into smaller chunks. 

Micro-learning activities are more effective as they are used at the moment when learners want to understand the concepts deeply. For example, real-life micro-learning activities include viewing a video online about understanding atmospheric layers. It can be about reading a blog article about plants found in different parts of the world .


Consider a complicated piece of knowledge regarding the operation of a machine that contains five principles. This material may be divided into smaller chunks, with each idea being described in its own module. As a result, five modules would be in five micro-learning videos. The best part is that all of the material would be presented in an easy-to-understand manner. The desire to use less high end vocabulary and less verbose words aids learners in fully comprehending concepts. Importantly, each module only takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Many of these things allow studying easier and more enjoyable.

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What are the benefits of microlearning? 

Micro-learning allows students to acquire a piece of knowledge in “bite-sized” chunks, rather than understanding them wholly. This allows the student to process the information more quickly. It’s an excellent option for the students who find it difficult to understand lengthy or a big piece of complicated topic. But with micro learning bite-sized chunks, students can commit themselves to learning. They can practise at your own speed, without being distracted by so much information at once. Micro-learning modules can also be completed on the go, so students can have smaller lessons to learn even when they are travelling. 

Reasons why e-learning companies in India prefer micro-learning

  1. Learners don’t have to fill their memories with meaningless details because bite-sized courses are more concentrated. This makes it easy to remember. 
  2. Only tiny chunks of knowledge must be digested by students. This facilitates understanding without requiring too much work. 
  3. Courses produce about 5 to 6 experienced takeaways. Owing to this, remembering the concepts becomes easy. This is because microlearning material covers just 1-2 learning goals.

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What do research studies say?

According to a poll, 94 percent of respondents say they prefer microlearning to conventional time-consuming courses. The reason being, the students find small sized information easy to digest. The students discovered how effective microlearning is at meeting their needs. Learners in their twenties and thirties want teaching to be interactive, which micro learning provides. Importantly, K-12 content development based on micro learning methodology is tailored to meet the requirements of the learners.


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