7 Warning Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

Juliet D'cruz

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Do I need marriage counseling? If you and your spouse are not on the same page, you might be asking yourself this question.

Staying in an unhappy marriage can be stressful and emotional. Unhappy marriages are not only bad for your health, but they also affect your children, impact your happiness, and can reduce your quality of living.

Unfortunately, many married couples don’t realize they are in an unhappy marriage until it’s too late. This can lead to the dissolution of a marriage that could have otherwise been saved.

If you are wondering if your marriage needs help, here are several signs that it does.

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  1. You Don’t Want to Spend Time Together

One sign you are in a troubled marriage is if you and your spouse don’t want to spend time together. Quality time is one of the foundations of a healthy marriage. If you no longer care about quality time, seek help.

  1. You Are Having Problems in the Bedroom

One sign of a bad marriage is problems in the bedroom. This can include a non-existent sex life, sexual incompatibility, and sexual infidelity.

  1. You Are No Longer Fighting

One of the signs of an unhappy marriage is you and your spouse are no longer fighting. This is a sign you and your spouse are no longer invested in the marriage and don’t even care enough to fight.

  1. You Won’t Go to Counseling

Have you and your spouse considered counseling? If one or both of you refuse to go to counseling, your marriage is in trouble. This can be a sign one or both of you don’t want to make the effort to seek help.

  1. You Publicly Embarrass Each Other

One of the most unfortunate signs of marriage problems is if you and your spouse publicly embarrass each other. This is a sign of contempt, a lack of respect, and a willingness to hurt each other. If you are wondering, how do I save my marriage, contact a counselor right away.

  1. You Fantasize About Divorce

One warning sign of an unhappy marriage is fantasizing about divorce. This is a sign you have mentally and emotionally left your marriage.

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  1. You Feel All Alone in Your Marriage

Do you feel all alone in your marriage? Then you likely need help. When you feel like you are lacking support, love, and a partnership, your marriage is in serious trouble.

These Are the Warning Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

There are several signs you will notice when you are in an unhappy marriage.

If you don’t want to spend time together or you are having problems in the bedroom, you might be in an unhappy marriage. Other signs include you are no longer fighting, you won’t attend counseling, and you tend to publicly embarrass each other. If you are fantasizing about divorce or you feel unhappy in your marriage, you need help.

If you notice any of these signs, counseling can help.

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