7 Great Futons to Add to Your Living Room Décor

Juliet D'cruz

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Are you in the market for a new futon? Are you looking to add furniture to your living room that can double as a sleeping area for guests?

Futons make great living room decor and easily turn into a comfortable sleeping area. There are many different styles of futons you can choose from to transform your room into comfortable and functional decor. 

If you want to find the best futons for your living room, check out these 7 great options to choose from! 

  1. Multi-Purpose Futons

For smaller spaces, a futon that serves multiple purposes is a great idea and are the best futons to utilize your space. If you don’t have a lot of room for furniture, consider getting a futon that has a built-in foldable end table. 

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  1. Sectional Futons

Sectional futons are perfect for bigger rooms or people who need more seating space. Since they look more like a standard couch, they make excellent living room futons and are the perfect futon for bigger families. 

  1. Japanese Futon Mattress

Japanese futon mattresses are easy to fold up and store when they are not being used. They can be used by rolling it out on the floor, or you can put it over a nice wooden frame as well. These look great in living rooms and also make great bedroom futons!

  1. Classic Futons

Classic futons work well in any living room. They are comfortable and are the best futons to sleep on. Classic futons will be easy to use and are an easy addition to add to your living space!

  1. Futons That Look Modern

Modern-style futons look great and will transform any room into a more modern feel. Sleek, metal frames and neutral tones cushions are great futon options for anyone trying to make their home feel more modern. 

  1. Futons for Style

If you are trying to add more style to your home, you can find a futon that perfectly matches your style. Different materials like leather or wood in your futon will add both style and texture to your room. These types of futons will be easy to add to any stylized room!

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  1. Futons for Small Spaces

If you have limited space in your living room, there are futons that can still work in your space. Single-person futons that fold out from a chair instead of a sofa will work perfectly in any small space. 

Great Futons for Your Home 

No matter what your style preference is or what kind of space you have in your home, there are many great futon options that will work in your living room. From multi-use futons to specifically styled ones, your living room space will look great and your guests will appreciate a comfortable place to sleep!

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