5 Tips to Develop A Great Working Government Website

Juliet D'cruz

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Although government websites must be given a great priority, in reality, the number of great running government websites are low. One major thing that most web developers fail to do is engaging the general public. Accessibility and clarity on these websites are poor, therefore, messing the user experience.

But being a part of the government website development process, it is your responsibility to change things for good. You must adopt measures that would help you in building a better website, well, even a great working government website.

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Below we have shared some useful tips that can help you in this journey. Continue to read till the end to find out tips that can help develop a great functioning government website.

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  1.   Adopt extensive survey approach

One of the major mistakes that web development agencies make while developing government websites is that they create websites that reflect the authorities’ needs only. There is no room for considering the user perspective.

However, a government website should be for the people and by people we mean the visitors of the website. Conducting an extensive user survey can help you understand the visitors of the website.

Establishing user preferences, you can reach the right development and design decisions for the website.

  1.   Acquire a time for rapid user testing

If you want to be sure of your government website’s functionality then you must give some time for rapid user testing. This will help you understand whether the developed site will impress the public or not.

Create a quick mockup of the system which you are aiming to develop and let the users evaluate it. See how the mockup system meets the users’ expectations and needs. the results from the testing can help agencies develop a great working government website.

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  1.   Implement UX design principles

The government website agencies must always implement UX design principles in order to keep up with the public’s rising expectations from government websites. A UX design principle that integrates look, feel and usability of the entire website.

This enables to earn great public engagement and one that makes the government websites successful.

  1.   Develop homepage that is task-oriented

Any visitor when accessing a government website doesn’t do it for the sake of graphics instead for achieving some specific goals. This is why in order to give the users the most, the government website’s homepage must be task-oriented.

The homepage must include important functions, information and other important features that improve user experience. You will be giving the websites an enhanced functionality.

  1.   Adopt responsive web design

The general public expects to access government websites anytime, any device and from anywhere in the world. Henceforth, instead of developing separate website versions for different devices, a web development agency should embrace responsive web designing.

This increases user accessibility and navigability. Hence, improving the rate of public engagement and making websites more functional.



So, what are you waiting for? Create a great working government website by adopting these important tips. If you are a member of the government website development team then make sure to adopt these tips for improving functionality.

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