5 Tips For Staging a House for Sale

Juliet D'cruz

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Did you know that 82 percent of buyers’ agents say that staging a house makes the selling process more enjoyable, seamless, and even faster? Staging is one of the best home improvements. Forget the hassle of expensive and time-consuming renovation projects.

Staging allows you to use interior design tricks like improved floor plans, attractive home decor accessories, furniture, and more to make an impact. But, staging does come at a price. Prepping your home for open houses or buyers’ visitors can feel overwhelming.

Besides a deep cleaning, you may have to let go of clutter and adopt a minimalist lifestyle to get top dollar. But, the return on investment could be high.

Don’t know where to begin the staging process? Read on to discover everything to need to know before selling a house.

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  1. Go Minimalist

There are many benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism allows you to cut out the noise (and the extra stuff) and focus on the things that matter. And when it comes to staging and showing a house, minimalism can make an impact.

Don’t distract buyers with clutter. For example, emptying your kitchen countertops can allow buyers to focus on the beautiful stone surface and not the junk. This can help buyers make clean and more informed decisions about your property.

  1. Clean Carpet Stains

Staging shows buyers the potential of owning your home. A dingy or dirty-looking carpet can diminish that potential.

Invest in carpet cleaning to keep your floors gleaming and in top condition. Check out Decker’s Carpet Cleaning Tile and Grout cleaning service to learn more.

  1. Create a Scene

Have you ever visited a furniture showroom and felt a sense of excitement and wonder? Invite buyers to feel that same excitement when they enter your staged property.

Set the scene and encourage buyers to envision themselves in your home. For example, in the dining room set the table with china and candlesticks for a romantic effect.

  1. Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are calming and tend to appeal to the masses. While a bold hue or colorful print may be your style, not all buyers will be on board.

To make your home appear most attractive to all tastes, invest in neutral staging techniques. For example, neutral wall paint or a monochromatic rug helps keep a space tranquil and sleek.

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  1. Avoid Personal Items

Personal items like family photographs or awards make a house feel like a home. But when it comes to staging your property, these items can send the wrong message.

Potential buyers are trying to envision themselves and their families in your space. Leave out the distractions and aim for more basic home decor like modern sculptures, abstract wall art, or glass accent pieces.

Staging a House Is the Trick You Need to Sell

Are you sold on the benefits of staging a house to turn a profit? These tips can help you redesign and decorate your property so you can reap the highest financial reward and sell your home. Remember that minimalist and neutral decor can make the most impact while staging.

And don’t forget to put your best foot forward by keeping your space clean and free of personal items. Did you find this information helpful? Then, check out our other home stories.