5 Reasons Why DIY Home Pest Control is a Bad Idea

Juliet D'cruz

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You wake up itching and scratching; you realize that your house is infested with bed bugs or fleas. You spot a bunch of nasty wasps in your garden making a bee-line for your home. You realize you’ve got cockroaches, termites, or rats.

These are all very common pests that you could easily find yourself inundated with. You’ll no doubt want to act fast. It’s natural to head to the hardware store and get some DIY home pest control solutions to annihilate the critters to kingdom come.

But wait, before you unleash your own kind of DIY pest control on the unwanted plague that has befallen you, ask yourself the simple question “do I need an exterminator?”

The answer is always yes. Here’s why you should never tackle a pest problem in your home on your own.

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  1. You’re Only Likely to Mask the Problem

Okay, so you’ve spotted a few fleas or bed bugs. You’ve worked out where in your home they’re hiding. Now it’s time to set to work with bug bombs and sprays.

A couple of hours later, success. You spot lots of dead critters all over your home.

But have you really solved the problem?

Smaller pests such as fleas or bedbugs can burrow into the tiniest of gaps. If you’re not thorough enough with your pest control treatment, you could end up seeing them repopulating very quickly.

  1. It’s Easy to Underestimate the Situation

Pests that make a home in your house are generally pretty cunning. They know how to avoid getting killed by you. The bugs that you see are generally only the surface of the issue.

A well-trained professional pest controller will know exactly which nooks and crannies they should be putting effort into clearing out.

DIY pest control tends to only deal with the surface of the problem. You should ask yourself “do I need pest control?” And the answer will always be a resounding yes.

  1. DIY Home Pest Control Can Be Hazardous to the Environment

When you unleash chemicals on your home, you’re putting local wildlife and pets at risk. There could be untold environmental damage caused by the reckless use of pest control chemicals.

A pest control company will ensure any chemicals are used in a safe and controlled way.

  1. It Might Cost You More in the Longrun

DIY bug bombs and other extermination potions may be available from the local store at a reasonable price which may seem a lot cheaper than hiring a professional might, but they’re just not an effective solution.

Repeated trips to the store will be needed when you realize you haven’t killed every bug in your home.

The cost of pest control professionals is quite low when you consider that they’ll get the job done the first time.

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  1. You Could Suffer Chemical Burns

Messing around with chemicals that are designed to kill pests is dangerous work. Breath that stuff in and you could end up doing serious damage to yourself. Similarly, if you get chemicals on your skin it could leave you with a nasty rash, or worse still, chemical burns.

Pest control at home is always best carried out by well-kitted out professionals

Don’t Try This at Home

If it’s not already apparent to you, you shouldn’t try DIY home pest control. With plenty of pest control choices out there, you’ll find a competitive quote if you take a few minutes to shop around.

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