5 Best Tools For Adding Page Numbers to PDF

Juliet D'cruz

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PDF documents are used for different purposes online. It can be used for official documents or e-books, or guidelines. Whatever be the case, to use PDFs efficiently, you would need editing tools to perform varying functions. Luckily there are available valuable tools online for creating and editing PDF files. With these tools, you can add page numbers to documents and change the position of the numbers. You can also use them for the Bates numbering system which is used for numbering legal documents.

Apart from the popular Acrobat, other tools exist to insert pages into PDFs and add page numbers to PDFs. There are many commercial and open-source tools that you can use to add and number pages to PDF files online or offline. Here are some examples.

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  1. GogoPDF

Gogo PDF is one of the tools you can use to add page numbers to PDF easily. Every computer user would need to modify their PDF at some point, be it conversion to other formats, merging, or adding page numbers. Gogo PDF is a reliable tool that can get the job done in minutes. Adding a page number with Gogo PDF is easy and can be done in a few steps.

All you have to do is upload a file, select a file, add a page number and choose how you would like to export your document. Adding a page number to your document has many advantages. You can use numbers to highlight essential points in your report. Also, pages with numbers are essential to read more than those without.

In GogoPDF, there are numerous distinct features handy for customers to use for any cause they require. Asides from adding page numbers, you can also perform your document conversions on GogoPDF.

Gogo PDFs converter can quickly convert any Word report to a PDF report. It will reformat the document correctly, making it appear precisely like the original document, meaning the orientation, pictures, fonts, and overall format will not be changed.

GogoPDF is useful for people who need to edit their documents regularly, and it offers numerous valuable benefits. Gogo PDFs functions are all convenient, and it takes the stress out of working with PDFs.

  1. Adobe Acrobat

If you’re utilizing Adobe Acrobat to edit your PDF, you can add page numbers to a few or the entirety of the report. To do as such, go to the “tools” menu and select “Edit PDF” Then, at that point, in the toolbar, click “Header and Footer” then “Add” to add a header or footer to show the page numbers.

Select where you need the page number, select the content text style and size you need and click on the “Add Page Number” button. To change the design and style, for example, assuming you need to show Roman numerals versus Arabic ones, click “Page Number Format.” On the off chance that you just need page numbers of a specific style in specific pieces of the record, pick how and where to add numbers.

Courts and other formal settings necessitate that archives or reports get Bates numbers, which generally show who creates the records just as their page numbers. You can add these numbers in the style you need or to at least one report, utilizing Acrobat.

  1. SodaPDF

Assuming you need a PDF tool that can accomplish a task other than convert from Word to PDF, think about Soda PDF. This product rivals most PDF editing tools in its elements, permitting you to change over between a broad rundown of documents apart from PDF. Soda PDF permit gives you access to both the web editorial manager and offline work area application. A couple of approaches to pay for Soda PDF, including an installment month-to-month plan or a yearly arrangement.

To add page numbers to your document with Soda PDF, you can start by selecting the page ranges on which the page number will show up and design the text style, size, and position. You even have the choice to begin from a number other than 1.

When your pages have been numbered, access your record by downloading your PDF documents to your PC or through your email.

  1. Foxit PDF

Foxit is an organization that offers nearly the same function as Adobe. It’s the latest programming. Foxit PDF Editor has extra settings that other programming doesn’t. For instance, you can set document alternatives for upgrading the PDF for a web-based survey, adding a watermark, converting to PDFA, adding headers and footers, and adding passwords. While these components are frequently accessible in other PDF editors, having the option to save them and use them over is one of the unique features of this tool.

Foxit has a free 14-day assessment and comes in Standard and Business adaptations. The Standard rendition has practically every one of the provisions that most organizations will require for month-to-month usage. Foxit PhantomPDF is an astounding contender for the best Word to PDF converter accessible today.

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  1. Wondershare PDF Element

Wondershare PDFElement is a top-of-the-line PDF conversion tool. It can be used to change PDF to a different format and also add page numbers to PDF. The primary toolbar in Wondershare PDFElement incorporates alternatives for cluster changing over from Word archives and joining MS Word files into a single PDF. The PDFElement change apparatus likewise doesn’t have the quick adaptability of Foxit for functions like document authorizations and adding watermarks. The tool functions admirably and retains the design of your document.

Wondershare PDFElement is accessible for a yearly membership, with various estimating alternatives as indicated by the number of components you need. The Proform, for instance, incorporates bulk handling. In general, it’s certainly worth considering.


Adding page numbers to PDF is one of the essential editing functions you can perform in your PDF. The PDF document design enjoys certain upper hands over Word’s Doc design, particularly when maintaining quality or transferring the documents to different users. Many organizations use PDF for formal and informal documents, so it is vital to use one or more PDF editing tools. Whether it is for conversion, merging, compression, or adding page numbers.