5 Auto Window Tinting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Juliet D'cruz

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Car window tints not only look cool, but they keep you cool too.

Tinting your windows can help reduce glare from the road, protect you from UV rays and reduce the temperature inside your car. They are practical as well as stylish.

If you are thinking of getting some tints on your car windows, then you need to read our guide. Common auto window tinting mistakes can lead to expensive repair jobs and even breaking the law.

Read on to learn how to avoid these common mistakes.

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  1. Not Knowing Your Local Tinting Laws

Every state has its own local window tint laws that you need to abide by. For example, the tint may not have a solar reflectance level of greater than 25% in Florida. You need to be aware of what is legal when it comes to tinting in your local area.

Check where you stand with this website that lists all of the state tinting laws or with your local authority.

  1. Buying A Cheap Tint

It is always tempting to go for the cheapest option for buying a product or service. However, often you just end up paying double when the cheaper option doesn’t work out.

Cheaper tints mean cheap film during the installation. Cheaper films are prone to bubble and warp under the heavy sun and can often tear altogether. You will then need to pay to remove the cheap tint as it becomes dangerous to drive with it installed.

  1. Not Getting A Warranty

Getting a warranty from a window tinting service can actually save you money in the long run and keep you safe on the roads. If something goes wrong with your windscreen tint, it could end up making it impossible to see when you are driving.

With a warranty, if something goes wrong before it is due, it becomes the installer’s problem. One of the important questions to ask when buying a tint is how long the warranty is.

  1. Attempting It Yourself

We all like a bit of DIY now and again, but installing window tinting films is tough. Have you ever tried putting a protective cover on your cellphone screen? It is like that but fifty times more difficult.

To get a perfect finish that won’t cause you problems a few miles down the road, you need to call in the experts.

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  1. Not Cleaning Your Windows

Before you get a professional job or attempt to apply a tint yourself, you must make sure your windows are clean. If you apply a tint to an unclean window, then it will not last very long at all.

Inexperienced installers will make this mistake during their window tinting preparation. If you see them trying to apply a tint without cleaning the window first, time to find a new supplier!

Avoid These Auto Window Tinting Mistakes

If you want the best legal finish on your car windows, you need to know to avoid these common auto window tinting mistakes. Hopefully, this guide has given you an idea of some of the things you need to avoid. Speak to a professional installer and get the job done right.

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