4 Key Points About Automated Chatbots and the Travel Industry

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Chatbots are allowing companies to save a lot on their costs. They can help to provide an immaculate experience and more. Read to find out more.


The market revenue of chatbots will be $454.8 million globally in the year 2027! That’s an overwhelming increase from just $40.9 million in 2018. This shows that businesses are increasingly realizing the huge benefits that come with chatbots. The travel industry used to air ads on cable TV. I remember watching them on my cable connection by Buyinternetcable. However, digital marketing is the norm today. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that you invest in chatbots to realize remarkable business benefits in the upcoming future! Read on below to find out about their key uses.

Lesser FAQs

If you look at the websites today, you will find that they are loaded with FAQs. This stands true for most of them. Ask yourself, would you be interested in going through all of those FAQs? Furthermore, some of them may not even be relevant to you. Therefore, without a shadow of a doubt, chatbots can play a great role.

The potential of chatbots goes to the very next level if they come with AI capabilities. Even if these capabilities are missing, you can intelligently add questions that help customers with what they need. Let the chatbot on your travel website ask simple probing questions and based on customer answers ask relevant ones.

You may start with a simple question asking what they are looking for? If they press “yes’, then you can show them the different packages that you have. Here, you can add a small “you may also want to…” section to provide them more detail. See, it’s not so difficult after all because you don’t need dedicated resources to record such info! Undoubtedly, chatbots will get you data and more!

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Your telephone operator may not be able to record all the details for a particular flight booking. Furthermore, they may miss out on one or two critical questions and that may end up compromising your business integrity. It may also result in violating the trust of the customer. What can a chatbot help you do? A chatbot can store information and conversations held with customers.

Resultantly, you can easily check the conversation history with a customer and utilize this data to generate useful insights. On the other hand, AI chatbots come with these abilities in advance. They can share insights such as what age group is booking flights the most, which destinations are most often visited, and what packages your customers are most interested in, etc.

And that’s not all, with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and NLP (Natural Language Processing), your chatbots can keep on learning new things about the behavior of your customers. They can intelligently interact with them and keep on storing the necessary data you can use later on!

Personalization and Recommendations

The possibilities with chatbots are just about endless. You can enjoy great benefits in the travel industry by providing personalized recommendations. And how can you do that? The answer is simple: chatbots! With the help of data analytics, your chatbots can provide users information based on their interests and earlier searches. What will this help to do? This will intelligently enhance the experience of customers on your website.

By delivering services and recommendations that match with user behaviors and search patterns, you can provide your customers with the service that they are looking for. And what will happen when they get just what they are looking for? A sale! And that means greater ROI, more profit, and customer satisfaction! What else do you want?

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Cost Savings

What is it that your company needs in today’s highly competitive era? Fewer cost investments and more profit! Chatbots will allow you to do just that! You don’t need a complete hall of resources to handle customer inquiries. Let your chatbots do that.

Furthermore, most of today’s chatbots come with AI capabilities and that will allow them to provide more intelligent responses over time. Also, note that a chatbot interaction takes less time in converting a lead to a sale. It makes sense to make a one-time investment in a chatbot to realize greater sales. Deliver a robust customer experience with your chatbots ensuring that they maintain your brand reputation and more.

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