4 Inflammation Reduction Tips for Healthier Joints

Juliet D'cruz

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Inflammation can arise for various reasons, including the death of body tissue, an inappropriate immune response, and even bacteria entering the body. As such, everyone deals with it at one time or another.

For most individuals, the effects of inflammation are nothing worth fussing over. In fact, in some cases, people won’t even know when they’re experiencing it.

But for many others, inflammation is a very real and present thing. It can cause substantial pain in the joints, vastly reducing the affected individual’s quality of life.

Are you one of these individuals? Looking for ways to inspire inflammation reduction in your body? We’re going to provide you with some below!

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  1. Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods

First and foremost, you need to start eating anti-inflammatory foods. These foods fit primarily into the grain, vegetable, and fruit categories. They generally don’t include meats and dairy.

Some of the best anti-inflammatory foods include berries, avocados, fatty fish, and tea. There are several others to incorporate into your diet as well, including the ones on this list.

  1. Resistance Train

One of the keys to reducing inflammation in your joints is to resistance train. This includes lifting weights, doing bodyweight exercise, and the like. In doing this, you’ll strengthen your muscles, thus reducing the amount of weight that your joints have to bear.

We recommend resistance training 3 to 5 times a week. Make sure to take a rest day after each training session and be sure to target each muscle in the body.

  1. Undergo BPC 157 Peptide Therapy

Another answer to the question of “how to reduce joint inflammation” is to undergo BPC 157 peptide therapy. This peptide offers several benefits, one of which is a reduction in inflammation. The others involve improved wound healing.

This therapy is generally administered via injection. The shot is given in the affected area, allowing it to provide centralized benefits. Note, though, that you can also take BPC 157 peptide capsules; these are best for stomach issues, however.

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  1. Walk!

In truth, something as simple as walking can go a long way in reducing inflammation throughout the body. Walking helps to stretch out the joints and, well, according to studies, just simply causes inflammation to diminish.

So, don’t think that walking will add more pain to your joints. It will actually do the exact opposite. Get out there for 20 minutes to an hour every other day, and you should start to notice a difference within a few weeks.

Note, other forms of cardio can provide benefits as well. Just be sure not to put too much stress on your joints.

Inflammation Reduction Is a Possibility

If you experience inflammation, you don’t necessarily need to suffer. Knowing how to have healthy joints is half the battle and inflammation reduction is possible with the help of these useful tips. So, put them into action and see what they do for you.

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