4 Best games if you live stardew valley

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In the world of video games where guns, spaceships, and slaughter rule, why are games like Stardew Valley so popular?

In the world of video games where guns, spaceships, and slaughter rule, why are games like Stardew Valley so popular? It almost comes as a surprise that in 2020 it had sold over 10 million copies, despite having begun quite 4 years ago. It’s a game where the last word end goal isn’t world domination but to reap the simplest crops and make friends together with your horse.
Here’s a short guide about choosing the best character between Stardew valley fighter or scout.

So why can we love it? I feel there are many reasons but one among them is that it provides a peaceful escape. There’s an entire bunch of farming sim games out there and whether you’re in it for the addictive loop of growing your farm, making money, or simply developing relationships. We’ve got some games for you to stay an eye fixed on.

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Developed by Pathea Games who created the wildly successful life, RPG sim My Time at Portiacomes their new follow-up game.

In My Time at Sandrock, you’re not such a lot a farmer as a builder. Tossed into the wild and rugged city-state of Sandrock it’s up to you and your workshop to save lots of the town from bankruptcy.

I had tons of fun playing My Time at Portia and it’s like My Time at Sandrock goes to be even better. the gorgeous open world allows you to explore and gather materials. If you’re a touch uninterested in the farming aspect, watering all those plant squares is often a touch repetitive. Then the My statistic could also be another one for you to follow!


Coral Island is that the Stardew Valley of Southeast Asia. It takes the normal farming elements that we all know and love and puts a spin thereon. You’ll still need to grow crops, nurture animals and befriend the townspeople but at an equivalent time, you’ll be fighting to save lots of the reef and protect the environment.

Coral Island features a sort of different plant, animal, and even human species not readily available in most farming sim games. Want to grow some starfruit? Marry a mermaid? Go diving on the ocean floor? Coral Island can make it all happen. the sport just hit all its stretch goals on Kickstarter and is hoping to release this October.

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Not a farmer during this one but a witch. Little Witch within the Woods may be a cutesy sim-life game where you play as Ellie, a replacement witch in town. Your goal is to master your skills, find out how to brew potions, and harvest the rare ingredients for it. Explore a world of magic and cute fluffy animals during this charming little adventure.

A relaxing phantasy world for you to immerse yourself in, like My Time at Sandrock this is often another game that doesn’t put an important emphasis on farming. But it does highlight all the opposite elements of Stardew Valley that we love – namely gathering ingredients and befriending animals. We haven’t seen much about the sport since December but it’s expected to return out this year.


All the wonderful elements and mechanics of Stardew Valley – but you’re an adorable cat. I’ve always felt the addition of an anthropomorphic animal during a game can only really make it better. then is that the case with Kitaria Fables.

Kitaria Fables features a bit more My Time at Portia / Rune Factory vibes instead of Stardew Valley in my opinion. Mainly due to the heavier emphasis on the RPG story elements and combat. But don’t worry farming still exists and remains a neighborhood of the core gameplay. That and in fact making friends and running errands for the opposite animals at Paw Village.