3 Ways to Prepare for First Session of Relationship Counselling

Juliet D'cruz

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Every couple deals with arguments and confrontation, but in the end, everything comes back down to normal. However, if you and your partner are having the same fight over the same thing again and again and are causing you both distress then things need to be handled differently.

A relationship counselling Singapore or in other locations can help smooth things out. Counselling sessions from a professional expert can give you and your partner a different perspective to your issues. Therefore, helping you to resolve the distressing matters in your relationship.

However, if you are unsure about taking a relationship counselling session then preparing yourselves can really help you out. Especially if you are going for your first relationship counselling session as a couple. Below we have listed some ways in which you can prepare for your first session.

  1.   Ensure 100% commitment to attend therapy together

This seems to be the most important thing but both of you as a couple must be on the same page about therapy. You must both feel the need to sort things out. Hence, you must be both 100% dedicated to attend the therapy together.

If your partner is reluctant to seek therapy then chances are your partner doesn’t believe in the process. And no matter how hard you try or how much of an expert your counsellor is, the sessions won’t work.

Therefore, the first thing that you both as a couple need to do is prepare yourselves to fully commit to this process.

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  1.   Discuss with your partner about the shared goals for therapy

Once you are both on board for seeking counselling, it’s time to move on to the process of preparing yourselves. Discussing about the shared goals for therapy with your partner can help to have a firmer grip on your decision.

Expert suggests the following questions to be asked in order to get your goals –

–        How do we want to develop as a couple?

–        Is there a need to enhance the quality or frequency of intimacy?

–        Do we require to fix our conflict style?

–        Are we abusive to each other?

–        Do we require to work on our validating and listening efforts?

Discussing these questions with one another will help you realize the things that you want out of the counselling sessions. It would be also more accurate to find a counsellor that can help you achieve these goals.

  1.   Be prepared to share your personal history

While the relationship counselling sessions are to help you resolve your issues as a couple, however, in doing so the counsellor may ask you to share your individual history. Since getting details of your past helps counsellors to give you efficient solutions.

Your history helps them understand your attachment pattern and emotional bonds. So, make sure you are ready to share your history with the counsellor and get expert recommendations to work on your issues.

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These are just a few ways to prepare yourself as a couple to go in the first session of your relationship counselling Singapore or in any other location. Relationship counselling can really help couples in resolving their issues and getting back the happiness and peace that they seek for.