The Best Hair Colours to Try in 2021

Juliet D'cruz

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2021 has almost over, and winters are around the corner to give you the cosy vibes and festive feeling. This seasonal change demands the change in your whole look through a hair colour update. Luckily, these days colouring your hair has become the most innovative and sophisticated than ever. Now, you can colour your hair with some most fabulous shades available in the market without any allergies. This is all possible because of the botanical hair colours available in the market that even allergy-prone people can use without any risk.

Rich and filled with Vibrancy, these allergy-free hair colours are trending everywhere in 2021 due to their chemical-free application. So, let’s see which trending hair colour shade is perfectly made for you to try this year with these damage-free organic hair colours.

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5 Best hair colour trends you must try in 2021 as a trendsetter

Ready to dive into the trending hair colour trends of 2021? From the bold tones to the classic ones, we have mentioned the five most popular hair colour trends this year for you.

1) Chocolate and Caramel Balayage

The hottest and most trending hair colour shade of 2021 is Chocolate and Caramel Balayage which you must have found all over the internet! Inspired by your favourite desserts, the streaks of caramel surrounded by dark chocolate colour creates a mesmerising colour melting effect. It makes your hair look so perfect that no one will be able to take their eyes off!

2) Honey-Blonde Hair Colour

Want to go blonde this year without committing an ordinary white-blonde shade? Then this warm-blonde hair colour is the perfect shade for you. Hugely popular these days, this transitional hair colour shade gets fit into every occasion, from a classic party to a sophisticated office meeting.

3) Go Brunette this Year with Reddish Brown Highlights

Want to create a bold statement through your hair colour? Then why not try this rich auburn dark hair colour shade with reddish-brown highlights! This bold and chic hair tone is a no-fail choice for 2021.

4) Rich Honey Brown 

Whether you want to go for global hair colour or just want to get your brunette highlighted with a trending shade, Rich Honey Brown won’t disappoint you at all! A sultry blend of honey tones with a light brown shade creates a perfect sun-kissed effect whenever you step out to compliment your skin tone.

5) Dark Hair Balayage

Yes, we understand the problem and fear most people faced with Balayage! The light brown ash streaks in the balayage ultimately turn into the blonde one to make your hair colour looks awful & dull.

That is why this dark hair balayage is something unique that you must try. The dark brown shade with some light brown streaks never goes dull even after multiple washes to give you a long-lasting, stylish appearance.

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How to try these latest hair colour trends without any allergy or damage? 

Damage or allergies are the most common fear associated with chemical hair colours available on the market. While we always worry about which trending hair colour will look best on you, we often forget its ingredients and side effects. The harmful chemicals in hair colours like PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide or other parabens severely damage and affect our roots resulting in skin allergies, premature greying, hair fall and other problems.

But we have found a safe hair colouring option which you can try at home even if you have allergy-prone or sensitive scalp, without any fear of hair damage! Indus Valley Hypollergic Aqua Hair Colour range is an innovative, skin-friendly and allergy-free hair colour solution for sensitive scalp.

Enriched with natural and chemical-free ingredients, This hypoallergic aqua hair colour range comes in four vibrant shades from light brown to dark brown and black, which you can mix in proportion to get the desired trending hair colour shade this year.

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This allergy-free hair colour not only protects your hair from further hair damage generally caused after colouring but also repairs the previously damaged hair to make your hair look more intense and luminous. Isn’t it so cool? So, what are you waiting for! Try these popular hair colour trends with this botanical hair colour this year to be a fashionista!